Chapter 1

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Eleanor's POV:

"Go on go to the game" Mum told me "Benny would love to have you along"

"Please Mum Benny" I did a neat twirl and sprawled out on the lounge, in front of her.

"Yes Benny, come on Eleanor he is such a nice kid"

"Exactly, he's still a dorky little kid, like he was in prep year, with those nerdy glasses, you tell me to better my career dating some like Benny well you know what that would do"

"Find Eleanor thats just fine, mark off every guy who looks at you" Mum sighs.

"Yea but Mum I don't look at them back, I want someone different, someone amazing, someone who I feel I want to get to know better"

"Listen darling, Dad and I promised you time out" she opens my hand "Take these" she places in two tickets for the next soccer game Manchester against Denmark "Go to the game and enjoy yourself take Libby, even"

I grin "Alright Mum, anyone but Benny"

"Just promise me you'll have a good time"

"I promise" I nod, my hand closing around them, smiling at the thought of having time out with a girl friend.

Louis POV:

The Game Evening

"Alright focus on the field" Our soccer coach tells us, in the change rooms, "I want to see good playing, I want to see goals, this Denmark lads have got skills but we've got the know how, so pour yourself upon the field and shine"

I tie my soccer shoes on, and I jog on the spot to warm up. Slapping our hands together we do our little speech, about mate ship, and goals, and looking after each other's backs. 

We run out on the field, looking at our adoring fans with the team colours. I grin upwards and wave.

We meet in the middle seeing the coach of the opposing team talking with our coach.

The ball rolls easily underneath my foot, I'm the head player, I'm the first one to kick off, I'm living my dream through these soccer shoes, and with the ball underneath my feet.

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