Straightening Matters Out. Part 48

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Authors Note:

Sorry for the delay. I will be finishing this story shortly,  and I thank you for all staying loyal and waiting for an update. This one may be short, but I hope you like it anyway.

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16th February 2018 All Rights Reserved. 

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Daniel's POV...

It was not Fai that I managed to get in touch with when the opportunity arrived. It was Jeremiah instead.

It took a couple of days before I finished reading all the letters that Fai had sent to me care of my parents home. I ignored Izzy the whole time while reading them quietly after locking myself in my office. The only time I came out was when I wanted to get myself something to eat or drink.

I was also glad that it was a Friday so I had the whole weekend to go through them and to look over the few photographs she included in some of them. I now can see what our daughter looked like when she was born as well as photo's of her every six months to show her growth progress.

I had to admit that I couldn't help wiping away a few tears that found their way down my cheeks by the time I was finished. I knew that I would need to take time in digesting all the words and emotions I can feel coming through the words that Fai used in telling me about the baby girl she gave birth to right up until she went into college.

Our daughter, Olliandriah was an incredible young woman. I can only hope that it really isn't too late to get to know her. But Izzy, I am sure, won't like it. She has always been so very insecure where Fai was concerned. Especially knowing that Fai gave me my oldest child was something that bothered her as well. At times, I couldn't understand why though.

Izzy gave me my first son. I would have thought that would have excited yet soothed her knowing that. But it didn't.

But I know that I can't have any kind of relationship with my daughter Ollie, and my future grandchild without sorting Izzy out once and for all. If I can do it with Alyssa, I can certainly do it with her mother. Maybe I should have sent her up to north Queensland to spend some time there with her uncle like I did with our daughter. 

It sorted Alyssa out and it might sort Izzy out as well.

But over the next several days, I kept my conversation with Izzy to a minimum. I was letting her know that I was pissed by only having a necessary talk with her about anything that I thought was really important. She will keep.

Anyway, I thought about how to get in touch with Fai and knew that the only way was through her husband. At least I knew where he worked. Or at least where his head office was. So, I rang and made an appointment to speak with him. Not that it was easy either getting that appointment. But I managed it.

I won't say it was a comfortable meeting either. Not on my part anyway. But I knew that they only way I would get anywhere was to tell him everything and hold nothing back. And, so I did. I went on to tell him when he cleared his schedule for me every single thing I could think of from the time I met Fai to the time I walked in through his office door.

When I sat there looking at him afterwards, I didn't know what to think with the way he was looking back at me while sitting on the single couch he was sitting on in the lounging area of his large and spacious office that overlooked the river and the gardens seen scattered along it.

" So, what do you want me to do?" He finally asked which surprised me after he sat there thoughtfully looking at me.

" To be honest, I really do not know. I just know that I thought that Fai was that pissed at me she cut me out of hers and Ollie's life when she left town. I never wanted that. I admit to being a scared shit of a kid when we found out Fai was pregnant and took the easy way out leaving her to deal with it. That was wrong of me and I don't deny it. Finding out that she didn't cut me out and included me in everything from the time Ollie was born was a shock when Izzy gave me the box of letters she stole from my parent's place when they arrived. I am hoping that it isn't too late to get to know Ollie." Was what I said to him after a few moments of getting my thoughts together. 

" I don't know to be honest how either of those women is going to react. Ollie is just like her mother and hits like a bitch. Not that I would say that to her face. But she knows how to get your attention and let you know you have stuffed up." Jeremiah was saying as he absently rubbed his jaw while telling me that.

I already knew how much Ollie was like her mother. I would imagine that life with Jeremiah's son Jarrod was probably as exciting as it was with Fai and Jeremiah. 

Fai had always kept me on my toes when we were younger. I would imagine she knows how to keep her husband on his as well. Ollie too with Jarrod. I suppose that was one reason why I felt a sense of relief that I did after she left town. Fai wasn't high maintenance. She was nothing like it. But I never knew when the next challenge came from with Fai where she might be having me turning on my head, for want of a better term to describe how adventurous our relationship was way back then all those years ago.

Fai needed someone who could meet those challenges and I was not it. I fully admit that and I even told Jeremiah that too. The man just smiled slowly at me. I guess he knows her well too by now. He must do with the number of children they seem to be having.

Nonetheless, I left it up to Jeremiah to make to contact if he could with the women in our lives we both are related to. I wondered what the conversation would be like that he had with Fai after getting home tonight and letting her know what I wanted and why?

I guess we will just have to wait and see. As for Izzy, I think that I better get on home and straighten some matters out with her before anything else happens. At least Izzy is easier to handle than Fai is.

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