Part 3: Dragon Roars?

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As Erza re-quips into her seduction armor Lucy and the rest of the guild stare at the half naked Erza, Lucy's face got as red as Erzas hair. Erza slowly walked over to Lucy smirking at the blonde, she stopped right front of Lucy's face and put her hands on Lucy's hips. Erza bent down and grabbed one string of the cloak with her teeth and yanking making the cloak fall. Erza saw that once the cloak was removed she saw demonic looking wings (dragon wings) and strangely a black and gold tail with black and gold cat ears she never noticed before. "Are you an exceed?" Erza questioned, "What's an exceed?" Lucy asked puzzled still blushing from seeing Erza half naked. "Anyways Typhoon now that your cloaks off will you finally fight with full strength?" Erza asked staring deep into the brown pools that are Lucy's eyes. Everyone gasped as they didn't expect Lucy to be holding back, "What about you Titania Erza, and please stop calling me Typhoon" the name Typhoon brought back painful memories from Lucy's past. "As long as you stop calling me Titania" Erza said eyeballing the blonde "a-and put some c-clothes on, w-w-were in the middle of a battle!" Lucy started rambling as the color of her blushed turned redder and redder. 'I think I might like this girl' Lucy thought and shook her head and mentally slapped herself, "FIRE EMPRESS ARMOR!" Erza yelled and shot fire at Lucy. She just sat there being engulfed in flames waiting for the fire to grow larger and larger. Everyone thought Erza had won, except Natsu who knew better. Once the flames were as tall as the guild Lucy took a deep breath as she began to eat the fire, everyone looked shocked and Erza was scared she was actually trembling. Then Lucy took a gulp of air and started eating it too, Wendy gasped as she saw this happening Erza just stared at Lucy with wide eyes. "FIRE AND AIR DRAGON ROAR!!" Everyone was shocked and stared at Lucy, the roar hit Erza head on and made her pass out. "A-and the winner Lucy Dragneel!" Master Makarov yelled. Everyone cheered, Gajeel and Juvia already knew her secret and Gajeel was a bit jealous of Lucy.

What's the big secret find out next chapter?

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