Finding Them.

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The Elders has arrived with a few wolves.

"So this HYDRA, Has taken Sarafina and her kin?" Elder Z asked.

"Yes, and we ask for your help in bringing her back to us along with our pups, they mean the world to me and i cannot loose them...please," Diago begged

"We will help you find them...only because she is like a Daughter to me," Alpha Z barked.

"Thank you. These are the Avengers. They are going to help us find them." Loki stated.

"We know who they are Loki Of Asgard." Elder Vita barked "We hope to come to a mutual understanding as we search from them,"

It was silent until Thor spoke.

"Where do you think they are?"

"J.A.R.V.I.S is looking into it now." Tony mumbled from inside his metal suit.

"What is our plan of action?" Asked Clint. "We can't barge in there."

"Director Fury is sending over Agents." Natasha pulled her hand off her ear

"He's using upper Agents to save a family of wolves? He's gone soft." Tony stated.

"He's only doing it to recieve information on Hydra, nothing more," Steve said whilst cleaning his sheild.

"Baby!" Tony called, earning him weird looks "Got the location!"

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