Chapter 1 ~ Zayn

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"Misconception: a view or opinion that is incorrect because it is based on faulty thinking or understanding." - From Oxford Dictionary.


If you haven't read Backfire before, this is what you need to know: the boys met Alex, Phebs and Belle during the summer and Niall and Alex fell in love with each other, but so did Zayn and that's the problem here. He still has strong feelings for Alex.


Chapter 1 ― Zayn

“Come on, Zayn. It’s gonna be fine!” She begged and I rolled my eyes as I walked to the kitchen. Niall was following us closely, he had this stupid grin on his face, amused by this whole situation. And he wasn’t the only one having fun out of this. I just wanted to go to my bed and sleep the whole night.

I was tired, we’d had many interviews that day and a few minor performances, and those things dragged me out by the end of the day. “Alex, I told you. I don’t wanna go clubbing and definitely I’m not in the mood for a blind date.”

“But you’re gonna love her! How can you refuse so boldly without even giving her a chance! You don’t know how hard it was to get her to agree. Please!” The black-haired girl begged one more time. The water in the kettle was already boiling and I just wanted my tea.

Alex and Niall, the happy couple, were at my flat trying to take me out to some new club where I was going to meet some Alex’s friend. A girl whose name I couldn’t remember; not that I was paying attention when Alex talked about her, though. Every time she talked to me, I did my best to not look right into her eyes or try to get closer to her. She was Niall’s girlfriend and it was obvious they were crazy for each other. I had nothing to do between them and I knew I had to forget about Alex, get over all this I was feeling for her, but it wasn’t that easy. We got along so perfectly, we had so many things in common, she was so beautiful, so funny, so witty, and so incredible and all the time I wanted to be Niall, I wanted to be the one who kissed her, the one who could hug her without worries.

It had been a couple of months since I met Alex and yes, my feelings weren’t as strong as before. I accepted that she would never love me back, but I still liked her.

“I told you. I don’t wanna go out,” I repeated sighing but I felt her grabbing my arm and trying to make me look into her green eyes.

“Please, pretty please?” She tried again with those puppy eyes and I just couldn’t say no. I moaned as Niall laughed at the situation walking to my refrigerator to grab something for him. “I promise you’ll have fun. She’s incredible! I adore her and I’m sure you’re gonna love her, too. You can even talk about comic books with her!”

I rolled my eyes knowing that I was done, I couldn’t say no to Alex even if I tried. I really didn’t want to go on that blind date with that nameless girl, and most definitely I didn’t want to see Niall and Alex snogging or being all lovey-dovey to each other at this club, but Alex was stubborn, she would never accept a no as an answer.

“Okay,” I groaned and she literally started bouncing out of sheer happiness. She even clapped like it was the best thing I could have ever said. She was so special. Sometimes she could be a very strong and independent woman, the next moment she was like a child and after that she was a very fragile girl who needed you more than she could accept.

Whom could she introduce me to who could be better than her? Who could keep me entertained with just talking about anything if it wasn’t her?

I slapped myself mentally. I didn’t have to think of that. She was Niall’s; I couldn’t have these feelings for her. I had to bury them far away so no one could know about them. My mates knew I had ‘a crush’ on Alex and they thought I was totally over that, but I just pretended I was, even Alex believed I didn’t have that kind of feelings for her anymore. The only one who really knew about this was me.

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