Chapter Twenty -Three: No Time For That,idiot

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Vira pov

I grab the rod and burst out of the room,like an idiot.

"Yooooooooo! B*tch!! Get the f*ck back here!!" Jared shouts.

I almost freeze,but I remember what I'm doing. As he tries to pull me back,I knock his head at the contact point,causing him to black out. As soon as he does,I run to the door.

Locked. Frick now what?

Suddenly, I hear violent knocking on the window .

Ara pov

I pound on the window. I knew she'd get herself out.

She sees me. She has a rod in her hand. We step aside as she smashes the window. The glass shatters into tiny pieces,hitting us in the process,but that wasn't what mattered, despite the pain. What mattered was that my sister was safe and alive.

"Vira! Don't climb out yet,you'll get hurt more!" Matthew shouts.

"No time for that, idiot! Jump out!!"shouts Nick.

Vira jumps out,falling on the ground as she does so. Nick and Matthew pick her up.

" Let's go!! Grab the bikes!!" Nick says.

"Ara! On my lap! Same with Pat and Nick!" Vira screams.

We rush back to the bikes, jump on and head back to Mark's place.

Matpat pov

"Mark! We gotta go and find the kids! They're at that house of her " dad"!" I say.

" WHAT?!" Mark screams.


A/n I'ma just leave that there for you guys to suffer... I mean guess what happens next!! :)))))))

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