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  "Sophie?" Fitz came running all the way down the stairs. "SOPHIE!?" He began to panic, where was she?             "SOPHIE THIS ISN'T FUNNY!!!!"
   "Fitz?" Sophie stood up from the couch and looked her fiance in the eyes.
   "What is wrong? Are you okay? Did something bad happen?" His face was pale and she was sure he was shaking.
   "Sorry, I ummmm."
   "What is it?"
   "And you screamed why?"
   "Because I sort of...forgot." She wrung her hands together unsure of why she forgot, or why she told him. He smiled at her, and she saw that twinkle in his eyes that always has been there.
    "Are you scared?" He asked as he poked at her. "Is the great SOPHIE FOSTER SCARED!?"
   Was she scared? Maybe but she knew that she was safe, for once in her life it was a fear that hasn't been present. A fear that didn't scare her but made her terrified.
    "No I am not scared, I AM BATMAN!!!!!!!" She lowered her voice as she said batman. Sophie knew he had no idea who that was but she just had to say it.
               More like I had to
   He looked at her confused but he still smiled as she laughed at her own joke.
          I laugh at my own jokes...
                       New pov?
    I walked through the door of their house. Do they know I am here? No. But why did they give me the key if I wasn't supposed to use it?
   "Keefe shhhhhhhh" I said as we tiptoed through their house.
     "BREAK!!!!" He yelled.
     "Shhhhhhh! They will hear us."                            We went our seperate ways. Keefe had something different to do and he needed in, so I helped. They don't trust Keefe with their key so I snuck him in. If they find out I am as good as dead, so he better not get caught.
     I looked into the living room at Sophie and Fitz. They were hugging each other. Time to do what I came here to do.

                       Fitz's pov
      "Hey guys I am here, you ready Sophie?" She walked into the room and smiled.
     "Hi Biana! Yeah I am ready."
     Sophie released me from our hug. I am not gonna lie, I was kind of sad as she went and hugged Biana. The two of them started talking as they left the room.
     I was bored now that they left, I wanted to read a book.
                     Don't ask.
    I went to go upstairs to the library and as I was walking I heard a thud. Letting curiosity get the better of me I walked towards the noise.
Curiosity killed the cat...just saying
      I turned the corner and saw the most terrifying thing I had ever seen. A Keefe trying to get out from under a bed. I just stood there watching Keefe trying to get out but he was having no luck. It took every last bit of me not to laugh.
       "You having troubles?"

                      Keefes pov
      I was trying to get out from the crime scene. I put a smelly substance under the bed. (No it isn't what you are thinking and yes I don't know what it is but it isn't what you are thinking) than I heared his voice.
    "You having troubles?"
    "Nope. I am good. Nothing to hide." I said hopefully not in an obvious way.
     "Okay. Ummm. I am not even gonna question it." I heard the footsteps as he walked away. Now I just have to get out from under the bed and make a dash for it.
                  Another pov?
   This window was left open. I swear I am no criminal but I forgot my keys and I couldn't get in. I climbed through the window and walked into the room.
    Sophie should have locked the window, what was she thinking? I locked it for her when I got in and heard Fitz talking to Sophie and Biana.
     "He is seriously stuck under the bed you have to see!" They opened the door and saw me. I waved as they jumped and Biana screamed.

                   Sophies pov
      "Did someone say heart attack!!!???" Sandor jumped out from the closet behind Dex making him scream.
     Sorry for that...just sorry okay?
        "Okay so 2 heart attacks and a Keefe under the bed?" Fitz says as he starts to walk toward the stairs. I smiled at that.
      We all followed Fitz up the stairs, and as we went around the corner we saw a Keefe squirming under the bed.
"Who let Keefe in here? Heh not me, was it Dex?" Biana said almost too quickly.
      "Well it wasn't me because I climbed through the window."
     "YOU CLIMBED THROUGH THE WINDOW!!!!!???" Keefe yelled, "I really didn't think you had it in you. So what were you gonna do?"
    "I was coming for a visit and I left my keys at home and..." Dex didn't get to finish because I inturupted him.
      "So, you climb through the window instead of say knocking or (I remember that the device is called an imparter spelled somewhat like that but what is it when you are using it? Imparting?) called us with your imparter?"
   "Wanted...to...ummm...do...something....different..." he responded.
     "Oh..." Fitz spoke for the first time in this conversation.

Hi...I wrote this chapter almost a year ago and forgot to post it...the story is older than that...I just want to say thank you to every single person who has commented on this and has read it.💕 I just read through it and I don't remember if it goes with the story but I decided to upload it anyway. BYE


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