4. Show

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❝ show ❞

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❝ show ❞

JEONS walked into the hall, grabbing everyone's attention and all of the eyes landed on them. Jungkook's eyes stopped on a girl, not so far from them and soon a high pitched voice shouted, making him roll his eyes.

"MRS. JEON!" Mrs. Yoon waved at Jeons and ran towards them like a mouse, dragging her daughter, with Mr. Yoon following her.

"Act nicely," Mr's Jeon mother whispered to Jungkook.

All of them bowed at each other but Jungkook stood there like a statue, not interested in talking with those annoying human beings. Mr. Jeon, Mr. Yoon, and Jeons' elder son engaged themselves in a business talk.

Mrs. Jeon hit his head and showed him those huge eyes, asking him to bow at them. Jungkook bowed at them followed by a forced smile.

"Let's leave these two." Mrs. Yoon pushed her daughter towards him.

Jungkook was already getting annoyed by the drama. "Enjoy." His elder brother winked at him before walking away, who had no idea how much Jungkook disliked Jihae.

Only his mother knew about him having a girlfriend, and both his father and brother had no idea about the one year contract.

All of them walked away, leaving Jungkook alone with Jihae. She stood there silent and the situation became awkward since no one was talking.

They just stood beside each other like statues.

After a moment someone spoke in mic, "Now it's time for the announcement of the night."And everyone's attention shifted towards the couple, Mr. and Mrs. Jeon and their elder son who spoke in the mic.

The announcement started, "Jungkook, our second son and Jihae, daughter of our Mr. and Mrs. Yoon are getting married." The crowd started cheering and clapping happily when they heard those words.

The ones who should have been most happy were the ones without smiles on their faces, Jihae and Jungkook.

"Let's start today's party with the dance of a couple of the night," Mr. Jeon spoke and now everyone's eyes were on a couple of the night.

They became the main attraction of the party.

Lights were turned down with a spotlight on them. Jungkook pulled his hand forward and Jihae held his hands nervously.

The couple walked to the dance floor as the spotlight followed them. Jungkook slipped his hands on her waist and her hands wrapped around his neck. Both of them started swaying their bodies in sync as other couples joined them.

Jungkook saw his mother from the corner of his eyes, watching them with a smirk on her face. She reminded him of something when their gaze met.

The woman mouthed 'kiss her'.

Nervously, he cleared his throat and continued dancing. He sighed silently and looked away from his mother. His gaze shifted to the girl in front of him and he slowly lifted her chin, making her look at him.

This was the first time he saw her this close and he couldn't deny her beauty. Soon, his gaze shifted towards her pink natural lips without lipstick and thumb went to caress them before their lips touched with each other.

The moment their lips touched, Jungkook thought of Miran, his girl.

And he felt like he cheated on her, like the same as that night when she pecked her, but he convinced himself that he was doing this for business and Miran was okay with this marriage.

The crowd started cheering and shouting when they witnessed the show, the kiss.

The girl was frozen as Jungkook moved his lips against her, but he soon broke the kiss since he didn't want to make it longer. Her face got reddened which she tried to hide when he whispered to her ear.

"It was only a show in front of the people."


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