Look At Me

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Michael noticed that Claire had started to squirm in her seat and fidget with her shirt collar, so he held her down to get her to stop moving.

Mrs. Alvarado nodded in approval before taking another puff of her cigarette and forcing Claire to meet her gaze.

The smell of the smoke combined
with the forced eye contact was overpowering, and it took all of Claire's energy to resist turning her head away.

After a while, Claire noticed that Mrs. Alvarado's eyes weren't black after all, but a dark shade of brown. They had little flakes of grey in them, too. Interesting.

The colors were nice, but the fact that she was required to look into someone's eye- especially Mrs. Alvarado's- was extremely uncomfortable. But if she showed even one sign of disobedience, then she'd get tased, which she did not want.

Claire mentally repeated a mantra to herself to hide her discomfort:

It's not that bad.

It's not that bad.

It's not that bad.

It's not that bad.

It's not-

Mrs. Alvarado forcefully jabbed the taser into Claire's side; it remained there for about five seconds or so, even after she had fallen out of the chair.

Since she was rather small, 4 foot 11 inches to be exact, it didn't take her very long to fall.

"Why!?" Claire bawled after she had recovered from the shock. "I did exactly what you said!"

The beady-eyed woman looking down at her stated, "Because you looked at me for too long. That's called staring, and like almost everything you do, it's considered socially unacceptable."

Mrs. Alvarado then flicked the ashes from her cigarette onto Claire's back, who screamed. Michael smirked and asked if Claire should receive any more punishment for disobeying orders.

"Just put her back in the closet."

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