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Claire was snapped out of her thoughts by the sound of Daddy walking over to the closet and unlocking it.

"If you misbehave in any way, you'll get locked in here again," he stated coldly. "So get ready now, because Mrs. Alvarado's going to be here soon, and I'm assuming you don't want to piss her off. Again."

Surprisingly, Daddy didn't grab her wrist when guiding her out of the closet. Wait. He was actually being nice to her? This definitely wasn't suspicious in the slightest.

"What happens if I do piss her off?" Claire asked after a few seconds had passed, her voice trembling. "You get tased, smartass. Now sit down and shut up," Daddy said as he gestured at a chair, suggesting she should sit in it.

Everything about said chair made her want to scream- it was cold, made out of overly smooth plastic, and way too brightly colored. And to make matters worse, Claire was wearing shorts, so she had to deal with the feeling of the chair pressing up against her thighs. Joy.

The doorbell rang, which was always an unpleasantly loud noise, indicating that someone was at the door.

As Michael hadn't made arrangements for anyone else to come over, this could only mean that Mrs. Alvarado was here already, or that Diana had come to retrieve her daughter. Claire hoped for the latter. Unfortunately, the person who came into the house was not her mother.

Michael and Mrs. Alvarado greeted each other quickly, then turned around to face Claire, who swore that she saw their heads turn 180 degrees.

"Huh, she's doing something right for once," Mrs. Alvarado remarked upon seeing Claire sitting still in her seat. "Keep that up and you won't get tased."

"Do I get anything if I listen?" Claire asked eagerly; her voice trailed off when Mrs. Alvarado frowned bitterly. "I just said that you won't get tased. Jesus, you're slow. What, were you expecting a reward for doing something as simple as obeying a command?" Oh.

Daddy grumbled something about how Diana was raising her to be greedy and undisciplined, which was far from the truth! Claire chose not to speak up about it, and halfheartedly mumbled, "No, I wasn't expecting anything."

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