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finns pov

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finns pov

i slowly walk into class keeping my guard up at all times.

"oh you must be our new student.
i'm mrs. greenwell" she says in a monotone voice.

"uh hi" i say quietly with anxiety already building up.

"how about you sit next to..." She trails off looking at each and every student.

"millie brown raise your hand" she says sitting at her own desk.

i peek over all the other kids and finally find the brunette raising her hand for me to find her.

as i sit down at my desk unpacking all my things, i feel a little tap on my shoulder.

i turn to face millie. "hey" she said quietly so the teacher won't hear her. I flash her smile.

"sooo how was your classes?" She asks with lots of curiosity.

"eh okay I guess..english has always been my favorite class." I with a smirk on my face looking back at my notes.

"my favorite subject is math" She says with a little bit of embarrassment in her voice.

i look at her like she just killed someone. she lets out a light laugh.

"i guess i just like num-" before she could finish her sentence she was cut off.

"ms. brown! this is a classroom not 21 questions!" ms. greenwell says while crossing her arms and leaning on her desk.

all the students shared snickers and stared at the two of us.

"sorry.." she mumbles while looking at her hands.

i can tell she was embarrassed. i give her a little nudge to her shoulder.

she gives me a big toothy smile while she focuses back on the board.

millies pov

as class dragged on and on, the bell finally rung which signaled it was lunch time.

i got up and rushed towards the door when I heard a voice back behind me calling my name.

"hey mills wait up!" finn says running towards me with his backpack in his hands.

"mills huh?" I ask while laughing at my new nickname.
He shrugs with a smile.

"you hungry?" I question him while pointing to the cafeteria.

i guess so" he says with a delighted tone.

we walk into the cafeteria and straight into the lunch line.

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