Another Old Friend?

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Megan’s P.O.V.

As I walk through the mall the next day while the boys are at an interview I hear someone behind me scream ‘OMG! It’s Megan Clark! The girl who’s touring with One Direction! I love you so much. OMG!’

I turn around and see the person who was screaming was a boy my age. I run over and hug him. “Lucas! I’ve missed you!”

“Megan, I’ve missed you too! I was so surprised when I saw your face on the cover of ‘People’ a couple days ago! And that guy you were with, Harry Styles was it? You’ll have to introduce me to them, eh? Where are they now?”

“I will! After this I’ll take you to meet them if you want? They’re at an interview right now, so I got the morning off. So what have you been up to?”

“I graduated college, so I moved over here, to Orlando, where I got a job at Disney Engineer section. So right now I’m working on designing Avatar Land which is really cool! So yeah, to most people that’s really cool, but to miss pop-star touring with One Direction and have achieved multi-national fame it probably doesn’t.” Lucas says and pokes my side jokingly.

“No that’s really cool, Lucas! I’m so happy for you! Now I’m going to finish shopping. I need to go to a party tonight, someone is throwing Jennifer Lawrence a party now that she’s back over in America after shooting her movie. So they heard I was a fan and invited me and the guys.” I say quickly, trying not to sound showoff-y, if that’s a word, because I don’t want it to seem like I’m shoving it in Lucas’ face that I’m famous. “Actually, I have a plus one, would you like to come?”

“I would love to! But are you sure that I wouldn’t be imposing in on you guys?”

“No of course not! Now come on help me find something to wear.” I said and dragged him into Forever 21, him groaning the whole time.


“MEGAN! We missed you this morning!” All the guys yelled as they hugged me.

I laughed and hugged them back, “Guys, it’s only been three hours! And I needed a dress for J-Law’s party, and did you guys seriously want to dress shop with me?” I ask.

“Well, we wouldn’t, but we all know that Zayn would!” Louis says and we all laugh, except Zayn  who gives us all death glares.

“We’re just kidding Zaynie-Poo, we all love you!” I say and pat his head, to which he squeals and cringes away. “Well, maybe you would’ve liked dress shopping with me!”

“Shut up.” Zayn mumbles and we all laugh all over again.

“Wait, who’s this?” Niall asks looking at Lucas.

“Oh, this is my old friend, Lucas. We met at a summer camp in the summer in between 8th and 9th grade, and we became really close, but lately we hadn’t talked much. Ya know, the whole me becoming a famous singer and touring with a boy band thing, and then we ran into each other at the mall.”

“Wait, is he going to be another Ryan?” Louis asks and all the boys all look at Lucas skeptically. 

I laugh a little and shake my head, “No, he is not going to be another Ryan!”

“Wait, who’s Ryan?” Lucas asks confused.

“A boy I dated a month ago, who ended up cheating on me with Ashley.” I explain.

“Wait, nice Ashley, or bitch Ashley?” Ryan asks and the guys are lost at this point.

“Used to be nice then turned mean Ashley.” I say and he nods understandably.

“Oh okay… Wait why is she here?” He asks.

“She’s Simon Cowell’s daughter and Niall’s girlfriend’s sister.”

“Ahhh, okay. Yeah I won’t be another Ryan.” He says and then turns serious, “Wait, he cheated on you?”

“Yeah, unfortunately he did.” I say and look down, as it’s still a sore subject.

“Aww, poor little Meggy! Where is he?!” He asks and looks angry.

“He is helping somewhere far away since I got him fired. But don’t he’s not worth it.” I say.

“He cheated on the most amazing girl he will ever date!” He exclaims.

“Yeah, sure whatever. I sure am…” I say, hating when people say stuff like that when I know there are so much prettier, skinnier, and just better girls out there.

“You are, never doubt that.” Liam says and all the guys say variations of that.

“Okay, whatever. Go record your new album; I’ll be here rehearsing my new song.” I say and shoo them into the limo waiting for them. “Ryan, do you want to go pick up a lunch/snack thing for us at Burger King? I figure you know the area better, and all I’ll be doing for now is helping set up stuff.” I say as we walk backstage.

“Sure I guess, you’ll be alright here?” He asks and I laugh at the fact that he’s so worried; Ryan’s always been so overprotective of me and like an older brother to me.

“I’ll be fine, go on! I’m hungry!” I say and he laughs and jogs away to his car.

I walk over to my dressing room to put my stuff for the party away and freshen up before helping out and rehearsing for the charity concert we’re doing on the Fourth of July. This is now two days away, which means four days until my 18th birthday! Not that any of the boys know I hope, I don’t want them to make a big deal out of it.

I put my dress on the rack and grab water from the min fridge, when I hear the door open and close to my dressing room.

I turn around and see him walking over to me.



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