A Wolfren howled, he bolted upright as its eerie night cry split through the forest, this trailed off

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A Wolfren howled, he bolted upright as its eerie night cry split through the forest, this trailed off. He had rolled off the blanket and the dry bitter pine needles stuck to his lips, he brushed them away and spat out the taste. The instant quiet startled Parcival awake, he stepped over to Han and patted his shoulder.

"Han, hey! Wake up!"

"I want the pretty ball, mommy!" Snorting, he batted in the air before him.

"Wake up. If we sleep any longer it'll take us another three days just to get there."

They ate then climbed onto the horses. As they went deeper into the forest, they came on, a winding river that ended in a small lake. The darkness wasn't absolute and though the faint starlight a colossal waterfall gurgled and gushed from a gigantic split rock crest at the top of the lake. Even when arching his neck the top couldn't be seen.

Merryn slid off her horse by the waterfall and gazed at it for a long time.

She went over to the pool under it, and bent over washing her feet.

"I need to get some new boots soon. Feel pretty silly with nothing but these knee-high jerkins covering me."

Han's eyebrows went way up and his lips quirked. He chuckled and sat on an old stump, packing his pipe.

"I uh. Think they look fine. Beautiful, actually."

Han put his head in his hands and shook his head.

Merrin's cheeks darkened. "What?"

Stop fumbling. "Yes, you need some new boots." Preferably ones that showed more and covered less. Suppressing a grin was hard.

She stepped out of the pool, tilted her head and eyed him for a moment.

Better to change the topic now, don't like the way her eyes are glinting. "Haven't you been here before? Is this not the area of your people?"

"I never left the city of Dentree, when I was younger. This is the first time I've been out here."

"Show me the map how close are we now?"

She took it out. "See? If we follow this path here, it leads to a road into the middle of this forest. We need to go over the long bridge spanning over Tiger Fang canyon, here. Until we are in the middle of this forest." She pointed to a spot on the map and on the other side where the road continued, then rolled it back up and shoved it in a pouch.

As they made their way down the road there was a deep growl. Sacred heavens help us, not again! The wildlife was so hostile this year, this has never happened before. He went over closer to the others.

Merry's ears twitched and Hans fur stood on end.

"Did you hear that?" His white ears rotated around.

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