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Harry and Louis- 13

*other boys will be mentioned, but don't have specific ages*

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Even though Harry and Louis were both in grade seven, their whole class decided to have a Valentine's Day party. Everyone in the class seemed to be planning on bringing valentines, so the teacher just decided to make a day of it. Every student was asked to bring some sort of bag to put on their desk for when they passed out the valentines. And, if they wanted to, students could bring in a sweet treat for their party. The day would be spent just hanging out with friends, and pretty much doing what they wanted. It was going to be great. Especially for two students. . .

Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson. They both had a crush on the opposite boy, yet both were too embarrassed to admit it. Worried that their friends would make fun of them. They mainly kept to themselves, trying not to gravitate towards each other, but it was hard for them.

So, both boys thought that this party would be the perfect opportunity to confess their feelings for each other. Of course, neither of them knew the other boy had the same idea.

"Have a good day, sweetheart!" Jay called to her son as she watched Louis walk in, bag in tote with all his valentines. One very special one in there for a certain curly-haired boy.

As he walked, he saw Harry walking in too. He was also carrying a large container. He guessed that Anne had baked something for the party. She was a great baker; always making delicious cookies and other delicious treats.

Once Louis had put everything in his locker, he walked into his main classroom with his bag, and saw his group of friends (including Harry) laughing at something Niall was saying. His heart melted as he watched Harry's dimples stand out when he laughed or smiled. He loved that the skin beside his eyes got wrinkled when he laughed really hard.

He walked over to Niall, Liam and Harry, clueless to the conversation. Niall was trying to catch his breath.
"Oh, hey man!" The loud boy said, slapping Louis hard on the back. "I gotta tell you this story. So, I don't know if you follow Ethan on his YouTube channel, but he uploaded a video of himself trying to do a skateboard trip. Dude, he completely failed and landed in a rose bush!" Niall exclaimed before bursting into laughter again, Liam joining in. He looked over at Harry, who was fake laughing. He could tell. His face just didn't look the same when he really laughed. Louis didn't really see the humor in the story, as he had also fallen in a rose bush once and it hurt like heck! Plus, he never hung with Ethan, even though they were in the same class. Ethan was really popular.

Once Niall and Liam finally stopped laughing, Liam blurted out.
"This party is going to be so lame today. I didn't even bring in cards for anyone." He admitted. Liam had been a bit of a rebel when it came to classroom parties. He just stopped liking them in third grade. All three of them nodded in agreement, though Louis and Harry thought the complete opposite. They couldn't wait to hand out cards.

"Okay ladies and gentlemen, start handing out your valentines!" Missus Filmore said to her class. Liam raised his hand.
"Missus Fimore, I didn't bring any cards." Liam explained with absolutely no shame. The teacher rolled her eyes, before motioning Liam go follow her outside the classes. Niall couldn't help but snicker.

Everyone handed out valentines. Harry and Louis decided to wait until each other's valentines were the only ones left. So, when they put them in the bags, their's would be the first one the other boy saw.

When Harry was nearly finished, he sneakily walked over to Louis' desk and slipped his valentine into his bag. He then walked over to his. He briefly skimmed the top of his bag, and recognised Louis' handwriting.

"Alright, everyone! Start looking at your valentines!" Missus Filmore said when everyone was finished.
Liam was doing maths at his desk, looking miserable. It was probably punishment for not bringing in anything for the party.

Harry immediately went into his bag and dug out Louis'. He smiled at his cute valentine. When he looked over, he saw Louis smiling at him, as he held his valentine from Harry. Louis motioned him over.

Without a word he pressed a piece of folded paper into Harry's hand, and got up from his desk to go to the toilet. When Harry walked back to his desk, he opened it.

Be my boyfriend? (Check one)

▫️Yes ▫️  No

Harry smiled widely as he felt tears in his eyes. Finally! He thought. He could finally be what he wanted with who he wanted. Finally. He quickly found a pen and checked the 'Yes' box, and put it in Louis' bag with smile. He couldn't wait to see his reaction.

Well, when Louis did see the little check on the little box on the little paper, he practically cried out with joy, running towards Hardy and embracing him tightly, not caring about the other students watching. Both had waited so long, both too shy to ask the other on date, or anything. They were too scared of what people thought. Well, now they could be who they wanted to be. Together.


Author's Notes-

That wraps up the valentine's one-shots folks!

I think this is the fastest I've updated since the summer probably! I have a week off of school right now, so I'm trying to get as many updates done before school starts again and I can only really update on the weekends.


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