Chapter 23

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Warning to all sensitive readers, this chapter contains smut, if you are not comfortable with that skip from****** to ****** and you shall remain untainted, well as close to it as I can get you.

Kyles pov

Blinking my eyes open the first thing I see is a firm chest right in my face, and as the night before come back to me a sense of wonder and happiness floods through me. That was one hell of a night! I try to wiggle free from Anders arms to get to the bathroom, but he is not having it. Every time I try he tightens his hold until I'm almost suffocating, "Anders, you're kinda killing me here," my voice is muffled by all that muscled glory, but he seems to have heard me when he groans and loosens his grip slightly.

I slip out from bed, heading for the bathroom, and after doing my business I wash my hands and splash some water on my face. I stop short when I catch a glint of my neck in the mirror, on the right side of my neck is Anders mark, it has healed completely but despite my fast healing, a bite shaped scar remains. It looks nice, I know that all weres now will know that I'm taken and I feel really proud and happy with the strong and handsome mate I have somehow landed. And thinking about the man still lying in bed right on the other side of the door makes my dick stir to life.

I head back out to the bedroom and see him lying on the bed with the sheets only around his waist showing off his tan, wide, muscled chest with all those hot tattoos. I crawl into bed and start kissing and licking all the skin I can get to, I know it's my tiger coming trough, grooming his mate, and seeing as Anders is moaning and a tent is forming on the sheets I don't see a reason to push him back.

As Anders opens his eyes and sleepily looks down at me I stop licking long enough to get my intentions across, "I think it's time for me to show you what I can do, so you just lie back and let me take care of you this time."

He seems a little hesitant, but soon he smiles and relaxes into the mattress, "Just be gentle with me babe, I've never done anything like that before."


I lean over him and capture his lips in a soft kiss, we are both conveying our love with no dominance. Just a careful tongue against tongue as I let my hands roam his body and my hard member thrust against his in a slow rhythm making him moan and grip the nape of my neck bringing my lips closer against his.

I position myself between his thighs and position his legs so they are bent and his heels are on the matres. I grab the lube still on the nightstand from last night and pour a generous amount over my fingers and stroke one finger on his entrance, circling it but not penetrating just yet. He tenses but soon relaxes again and I start to add pressure, as my finger finds it's way inside he hisses slightly at the new sensation.

"Just relax baby, if you tense up it will hurt. Don't worry, I will make you feel so good," I whisper into his ear as I start to move my finger slightly. As he is getting used to the feeling he starts to move against my finger, almost impaling himself on it so I add a second finger, this time he just moans and moves to get me even deeper.

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