"So weak minded, what a shame

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"So weak minded, what a shame." A strange voice said.

The words rang in her head like the gong of the dead, awakening her. Someone held her then placed her-she peaked-on a bed. Merryn forced herself to stay limp, she jammed her eyes shut. Is he gone? Thoughts of what if froze her. She swallowed; her dry tongue stuck to the roof of her mouth. It was a fight not to roll over and plead for a cup. Quiet now. Had the stranger left? She cracked an eye open. Gone? She pushed up slowly with every muscle opposing her. Where is this? She rubbed her forehead. Maybe it's Unnamed? She dropped off the bed and went to the doorway. Her muscles locked up.

A man stood in the doorway. A youth with mid-length brown hair and hard eyes. The robe he wore was the same, embroidered with gold on its edges and cuffs. A scaled clawed staff floated at his side.

He moved closer.

Merryn froze. A force emanated from him. A ward of some sort?

He flashed her a dimpled grin.

Not falling for it! She darted back and forth. There had to be a way out of here! Easing into a fighting stance she raised her fists. The training had been quick, mostly to do with weapons. Still, a well landed punch hurt.

He stepped over.

She lunged forward and jabbed his cheek. He stumbled back a step. Then he snapped his wrist like an angry great winged cobra and rapped her crown with his staff.

"Arrg!" Holding her head in her hands, she groaned. Why did they always have to hit the head?

When he came closer, she stood up and backed into the stairwell. She bounced on the pads of her feet before running to the left.

Kar snatched her as she ran, spun her around, took both daggers, tapped her head, then picked her up and snapped his fingers all in a breaths time.

"Hey!"Something was off about this human and not just his speed. She ground her fingers into her palms.

"So naughty can't have you hurting me." He waved a dagger in her face, then exhaled while hefting her over his shoulder. "Heavy for a woman; your armor made of lead?"

"Lead? Insufferable man how dare you!" She beat on his back until her arms burned. "Your back should at least be fractured by now." She sighed, before slumping against him. Just a few hours sleep, so tired lately.

"I'm prepared. You think that I'd take on an Elvin without protection?" His laugh was soft as he carried her back up.

"Let go of me, human!" She clenched her teeth, grinding them.

He laughed harder.

What the hells? Hot tears dripped off her cheeks, and she wiped the shameful things away."May the blight of the mountains find you, so you never become warm again."

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