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Hello darlings! 

This story was a fun experiment for me as a writer, it's outside of my typical genre (YA Romance/Fantasy) so I wasn't sure I'd ever write it, but the character's kept screaming at me, and I thought the concept was interesting, still I had no clue what to do with it. One day, I had the idea that it would be fun to let the readers decide the story outcome. So I posted the first couple of chapters and then I gave readers a chance to vote on what they'd like to read next. I'd include the plot point I thought it should go, and one's close to it, and a couple options I really didn't want, I also let them submit their own ideas and let other readers vote on those. Sometimes they chose what I wanted, or close, and sometimes they chose the exact opposite. It was super fun to write this way and what you read now is a collaborative story between me and my early readers! There's some things I would change, I may do that one day. Anyway, (now for the official spiel)...

Welcome to the People's Choice Watty Award winning story!

Warning: ******The Cheaters Club has mature content.******

We have a private facebook group for fans. Come hang out behind the scenes with us. Search "CC: Top Secret Fan Page for The Cheaters Club"

*The music in the header of this chapter is BAD HEART by a band called Towers and Trees. (The electric guitar player is my person!)

DO I RESPOND TO COMMENTS? Due to my busy schedule, I don't have time to reply to comments on all my Wattpad stories.* I do however spend all my spare time reading your comments. They always make me smile!  *I'm currently responding to comments on ARROWHEART: THE LOVE CURSE. And any comments left on my wall or tweeted (RebeccaSky) or IG'd (TheRebeccaSky) to me! (I LOVE connecting with readers!)

Anyway, thank you, and Welcome to The Cheaters Club...

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