Chapter 13

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She can not die. There is no way in hell that I will let her.
I was at my gym waiting for my next client. He was a fragile boy but wanted to be more in life. He reminded me so much of christian. So passionate about learning to protect oneself and others. I admired that in him. I was brought up to think that way, its in my blood, but he grew as a person and decided it and that takes alot of bravery and courage to actually do something about it.
He wasnt to arrive for another ten minutes so I decided to hit the bag and practise for a short amount of time. Each jab, hit or kick was letting out each bit if stress or anger I had about my current predicament. We really needed to find away to break that damn bond without killing my Roza or letting her go insane. Ugh why cant our lives be simpler. Not only do we have the stress of this but we also have the stress of planning a wedding, which with the sometimes helpful input of my sisters is slowly getting together.
Nic, my trainee, just walked in and we humped right into business.

I continued to search through the books and scrolls. I sighed in frustration. Ugh. Still nothing! Then a wave of nausea hit me. I felt uneasy and a lump in my throat started to form. I got out of my seat and reached for my stake. I had it firm in my grasp ready to attack anyone that was going to jump me. I patrolled the whole house and outdoors. Nothing. Thats odd. The sick feeling was getting stronger no matter where I was. What the hell? I went into the kitchen and got a glass of water. I gulped it down hoping it would settle my stomach. I opened the fridge to see if there was something to nibble on and a god awful smell. I quickly closed the fridge and legged it to the bathroom. I kept gagging but wasnt sick. What was happening to me?
I decided to push it to a side and carry on with my research. I had to find a way to break this stupid bond. Every now and then I felt sick again but it passed quickly. I would go to the doctors but I fear what they will tell me, especially given the fact dhampirs dont get sick often, our immune system is super active and the best ever. If it gets worse or if I start actually being sick I will go but at the moment its just nausea. It should pass. I cant let Dimitri find out though he will worry and not settle he he finds out. Thats just what he is like. He will also think the worst of it.
"Under no circumstances is he to find out," I muttered to myself thinking I was alone. But of cause like always someone was there and it just hd to be him didnt it.
"Find out what?" He said. I turned around to see him with his arms crossed over his chest and an eyebrow raised. Damn it.
"Its nothing, really," I tried to reason with him but he facial expression told me he wasnt going to drop the matter.
"Fine but if I tell you, you have to swear you wont go all Mr worries all the time, on me," I said looking him in the eye. His face went into a curious look.
"I swear I wont get all worried," I nodded knowing he was being serious.
"Right, so earlier I was doing my research and I felt sick. So I searched the area and nothing was there. I went to the fridge to find something to settle my stomach when a smell hit me and I rushed to the toliet. I wasn't sick just kept on gagging. Now and then I would get the feeling again. I wasnt going to tell you because its probably not serious and I know you would force me to see a doctor," I said sitting him down on the chair. During me retelling the events of today the look on his face went from confused to worries like I anticipated.
"Of course I would have made you go to the doctors. You know as well as I do we dont get sick and if we do there is a serious reason for it,"he said worry lacing each word and his accent was thicker showing he was upset.
"I know, I know but I hate going to the doctors and to be honest Im scared what they will tell me. I wanted to wait till I was actually sick to go to the doctors," I said bowing my head. I hated showing my weak side even to him, my soulmate.
"Oh Milaya. I know you hate to show weakness but its okay to do so. It shows you are human. Even I have weak moments. This is just one of those times honey," he said rubbing my back soothingly. I hadn't realised some tears had fallen. I nodded numbly and agreed to go to the doctors.
"I will go get an appointment for you love," e stood up to go make the phone call. I dried my eyes and regained my senses. He walked back in after five minutes.
"Okay grab your stuff they have an opening in 30 minutes," he said putting his coat on. I followed suit not wanting to waste a minute.
Lets go find out whats wrong with me.

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