❧ Chapter Five: A Helping Hand ❧Updated

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Was it morning or evening? She took out a sun shard from her pouch, holding it in her palm

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Was it morning or evening? She took out a sun shard from her pouch, holding it in her palm. The shard turned an orange-yellow. It's morning. Stretching, she stood and worked a kink out of her back. The hard ground wasn't the best of beds.

Hope the adepts hadn't moved to the summer city yet it was further away, then the winter home from here. How many days was it five now? No, turning back to the city would take too long what with the god taking more energy every day. Best not worry about that right now. Kar was bound to catch up soon had better hurry.

A bush off to the left shook, and something glinted in it. She Jumped. Kar! Wait a moment. Bushes don't glint. It moved again. Daggers in hand, she padded toward it. The tangled thing thrashed about, flashes of red and black. Her dagger jiggled as she poked it.

The creature straightened and became taller. A hand busted through. Huh?

She leaned forward. It's just a silly human with a cape pulled over his face. Never be able to live this down, why acting this way is a disgrace. Stupid, do something.

"Don't move I'll get you out." Leaning over, she worked free the cape. It took a while to cut through the bush, she pulled several sticks off of him. Oh, how master would laugh at this.

"Wandering hero, you don't belong out here; go home." Did this guy listen to anyone?

"I didn't mean to follow you." He pulled the cloak off and fastened it back around his neck.

Parcival yanked a foot still stuck in the bush and toppled backward on his butt hard. His eyes widened so much so he looked like a lost puppy.

Her long ears twitched. She repressed a smile while holding out a hand and helped him up.

She glared. No time to be nice, can't have any tag alongs.

"Leave now, before you get hurt. I'm in a hurry." She scrunched her brows trying to will him to go.

His face became drawn, and the smile vanished. "My most humble of apologies."

Formality or sarcasm? "Well?" Was the man daft? Glaring at him had no effect. Her stomach gurgled. Was it supper time? She looked at the sky, no it's not.


Light footsteps, almost too soft to hear.

Parcival crouched down and cocked his head, then made the 'what' motion with his hands.

Kar, the lead guard, came prowling out of the woods on the other side of the field. Sliding his hood black his ringlets tumbled out to a halo around his grim face.

He was not alone. The men that followed were all that what was left of the king's guards from the lost city of Lionsgate. They fanned out from the woods and stood, silent.

She dug a heel into the ground. Dealing with him again so soon was a test of patience.

The corner of his mouth twitched. He slipped a thumb easy like under his belt.

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