Chapter 3

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    Ava sat on the steps of her apartment building with Christina, talking about the incident that had went down two weeks ago with Tommie. The sun was out, shining on Ava's brown melanin skin. Her hair was pulled up into a big curly puff, and she wore black leggings with a grey crop top.

"You wrong for hitting her like dat. Ya'een give her a fucking chance to get up," Ava laughed thinking back to how crazy Christina went.

"So, fuck that bitch." Christina scrunched up her face, disgusted by the topic at hand. She didn't even want Tommie to be mentioned, especially after finding out that her supposed to be friend was messing with her boyfriend behind her back.

"Don't do that. You and her was friends,"

Ava wanted everyone to be cordial, so she was gone do whatever she could to make sure there still wasn't any bad blood between the two. Knowing Christina, that was gone never going to  happen unless hell froze over.

Christine scoffed at the word was and pulled her blonde hair into a low ponytail.

"Yea we WAS, but that bitch is too much for me." She curled her lips up in disgust, "Did you know her and Jay was messing around?"

Ava eyes widened, you could tell that she was shocked. "You lien!" She playfully nudged Christina on her arm and looked away.

"No bitch, I'm deadasss! They was fucking, and I know this because I went through Jay's phone and saw the messages."

"You are lying Christina! What the fuck, when was this?" Ava looked at her friend in shock, her mouth in the shape of an O.

"I forgot to tell you, but this was like four days ago. When I tell you I was livid, bitch I was ready to drop kick both they asses." Christina shook her head and chuckled, thinking about how dumb she looked.

"That's fucked up, and Tommie knew that y'all were together."

"Who the hell didn't know we were together?" Christina practically yelled. "That's easy, the whole fucking school knew me and him were together. That's why I'm so fucking embarrassed to even say I used to date his ass."

"Yea, I feel you. They both need they asses beat."

Based off of how Christina felt, Ava knew she had to cut her relationship with Tommie short.

"You see, I was gonna still be cool with Tommie regardless of the little fight y'all had, but nah. You don't never do no flaw ass shit like that."

Any friend that can go behind your back and have relations with your boyfriend/girlfriend, was not a real friend. If Tommie could do something like that to Christina, Ava knew that she didn't have a problem with doing the same thing to her.

"Right," Christina agreed.

As of now, she felt like she was completely done with Jay and his bullshit. In fact, she was talking to a whole new person.

"Ugh ugh... I know you see them girls over dere fightin," Ava said looking over by a nearby park where kids played and teenagers near her age hung out.

The two girls looked very familiar as Ava recognized them from her school. "That look like Shanae, but I don't know." She squinted.

"Shanae? What the hell," Christina frowned. "If that's Shanae in the blue, than that gotta be CeCe in the black because you know they beefing, and that look just like CeCe from behind."

Ava nodded in agreement as she watched the girls scrap in the middle of the park, people recording and huddling around them.

"Something always happening in the hood," A voice interrupts coming from behind Ava and Christina. They both turned around to see a cute boy who looked around their age.

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