Chapter 13 - He cares

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Though Sesshomaru regarded what he had done in order to break Hana from her trance as unbecoming for someone as himself, he had known that it was been something which needed to be done.

He now stood looking at how peaceful the girl appeared as she lay on the forest floor, probably unconscious, her eyes closed and her sword next to her. Her tails fanned out all around her. She’d been unconscious for a while now, as dawn was beginning to break. Sesshomaru soon began to believe that she was simply sleeping.

Sleeping, at a time like this, after everything she’d just been through.

Not only was she just as lighthearted as Rin, but she was just as strange also.

Sesshomaru began to chastise himself for doing what he was.

What was he doing? Why was he simply standing there, gazing at the girl while she slept? 

It mattered not how peaceful she looked; he knew what he had to do, and he was to do it now.  He had managed to break her out of her trance-like state, now there was only one other matter left to be taken care of.

Jaken and Rin were, by now, already out of the area - there was no chance of them seeing what he was about to do. For a moment, the girl stirred a bit. Sesshomaru looked down at her with cautious eyes, ensuring that she was still in a deep slumber. He had come to the conclusion that carrying out his task while she was asleep would make things much easier for him and hopefully, for her sake, much less painful.

He wouldn't use Bakusaiga on her – he did not wish to cut off more than what he intended. Instead, he had decided on using something less risky. 

Not wasting any more time, Sesshomaru raised his right hand as his claws began to glow a bright, almost toxic looking, green. 

In a matter of seconds, and with a mere flick of his wrist, a whip of light shot out of his fingertips, immediately coming into contact with and severing the tail of the girl lying on the ground. That was all it had taken. As Hana’s six tails lay unattached to the rest of her body, the words of that woman, Ayame resounded in the dog demon’s head.

A spell on her tail,

That was how he had come to such a conclusion. He saw no need to ask Hana whether or not she objected, for cutting of her cursed tail had been the only option. Now he was certain that the woman would pester him no longer. He stood waiting for a reaction from the wolf girl; it didn’t take quite long.

At first, as she opened her eyes, she looked as tranquil as she had been when she was sleeping, but that look gradually changed into one of utter shock as the pain – whose origin was unbeknownst to her at the moment – finally began to register. She frantically sat up, turning her body in order to look at her rear, only to notice that her tails were no longer a part of her, and suddenly, she appeared greatly disturbed.

Sesshomaru looked down at Hana.

She could at least be thankful that there was no blood….and that he’d actually decided on being careful.


  Weeks passed since the night Hana had finally come back to her senses. She still hadn't fully regained her memory, but that was fine with her, because a part of her did not really want to remember what upsetting things may have happened. Other than the part with him cutting off her tail, Lord Sesshomaru had told her nothing more of what had taken place that night. Even so, she was glad that he had found a way to free her from Lady Ayame’s control.

Every now and then, she would realize how much she missed her tail, but would always manage to remember that it was for the best that Lord Sesshomaru had cut it off in the first place. She wondered what her father would say if he were to ever find out that his daughter - the wolf princess - had lost her tail. If he even still considered her his daughter, that is. 

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