Thinking About It

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"He want you to be his wife."

Lena's eyes widen when she heard what Winn just said.

"You don't have to agree, Miss Luthor."

Winn quickly assure the young lady. Scaring Lena with the word 'marry' is the last thing he want to happen.

"Just please at least think about this, my master is a very well-respected man. He really wish you would say yes."

The lady in front of her nod in understanding. She should have seen that. She is seventeen now, surely that's a good age to get married. Lena have friends that got married by the age of fifteen.

Getting marry in a young age is not a rare thing these days.

What?  For men, women are just their slaves. Someone to release their desire to, someone to tend their needs. They don't care if you are a high educated lady or not. As long as you have what's down there and a pretty face, that is enough for them.

Lena Luthor is not someone that would bend easily to a man. She don't want to stand behind a man.

Marrying someone who she never even met, gosh, does the man who bought her really think he could won her over just like that?

He is just the same like every other man she had met.

"Miss Luthor, my master is not forcing you to this agreement remember that please. You can just say no."

The way Winn look in her eyes as he talk about his master, is so sincere. His master must meant a lot to him.

Lena look down to her hands... She is starting to twirl with her thumb.

Somehow the young lady got a feeling that maybe.... Just maybe, her future husband is a little different than anyone she ever met.

"Can you tell me a bit about him?"

The young lady said without taking her eyes off her hands.

Winn don't want to seem rude but he really couldn't help the grin forming on his face. His master is not as hopeless as he thought.

The gentleman rub both of his hands on the side of his pants.

"You might have heard of his name before. Most people call him 'the phantom'.

It is true. Lena have hear of the phantom. A very rich mysterious man who own the biggest trading company in the country, a man who never show his face in the public and only a few ever met him face to face. Earning him the nickname 'phantom'.

A man who had donated millions of pounds to the homeless. The man who had builded thousand of school and clinic for the unfortunate.

A few people claim that he is too handsome that every girl keep falling for him, that is why he never show up in the public.

Some claim that he is so ugly that is why he is hiding. There is so many things people said about the phantom, mostly just talk about how he look like because everyone know he is a good man.
He is very generous, kind and rich.

"My master is not as the rumor said he is. He is not an old pervert bald man like some people claim him to be. He is just recently change 20 actually. He inherited his family fortune by the age of 13 when his parents' ship sank."

Winn explain as if he knew what's going on in Lena's mind.

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