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Oh my God .
This is so fucking weird.
So weird.
I don't know what to do. How to act . I am both happy and panicked.

" Rosalie bitch stay calm " Becca said

" I am calm "

" no you are not "

" obviously " Zoey said from my bed making her way to us with a wide grin on her face .

" this is really good actually, we finish school next week and tadaaa you will raise a baby " Becca squeaked in excitement.

" oh my gosh, I AM FUCKING PRE- wait don't you two date say anything to Ezra " I said looking seriously now .

" why ? "

" because I want it to be special "

Aww you romantic chic

And I smirked .
And just then Ezra entered the room with a box of noodles in his hand and the smell hit me like a truck .
Soo good .

"Um whose that for ?" I asked giving him my baby face with a pout making his eyes go wide then looking at the box then back to me like he regretted bringing the box up to my room .

" umm thats mine, but do you want it"

" ugh I thought you'd never ask " I said making my way over to him and snatched it from his hands then planted a kiss on his cheek which caused him to smile wide making his cute dimple come on sight making me kiss him again, then I left going to the kitchen to eat .

" well your in a good mood" Bryce said sarcastically.

" yeah so don't ruin it " I said while stuffing my mouth with a chopstick filled with deliciousness making me moan .

" don't moan like that " Ezra said taking a seat next to me .

" I can't help it "

" oh really "

" yes this is sooo-" I cut my self of when I faced his serious look .

Hahaa we bitch are in deep shit

I swallowed then smiled at him while raising my hand in surrender.

" that's how I like it " Ezra whispered.

" well someone is jealous " Lina said from under the table making me jump and slam my feet on the table .

" dear God ow ow ow " I winced and the whole room started to laugh making me annoyed.

" that hurt you dick heads " I said to the boys .

" ok ok calm down queen " Louise said putting his hands on his stomach to stop the laughing.

Two days later .

Everything is ready and I'm happy, everything is in it's right place. But I just wished that only dad and mum could me with us. I miss him a lot , and I miss her too .

" hey " Becca whispered coming inside my room wearing the outfit she bought yesterday, she was going to her 2nd date with Bryce and she looks really happy.

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