The Dragon boy

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I was resting in the woods, finding a small area to lay in partial shade, and sun. I was curled up like normally would be: wings tucked, head on front legs, slightly curved, and tail running up my left lower leg. I sighed in contentment, no animals trying to bother me, or humans trying to kill me. I closed my eyes lightly and relaxed, drifting off, but able to sense the area around me. As you might have figured it out already, but if you haven't, I'm what you would call a dragon. I have wings, four legs, a giant jaw, anything a normal dragon would have, but I was different from the other dragons. I didn't fight for territory, didn't engage in battle when it was not necessary, I didn't do that kind of stuff. I was a dragon of the light. I brought peace to those who see me. Those who saw me through were often afraid, and tried to kill me. Most who challenge me lose their lives, due to not being strong enough themselves. To those who don't attack me, they get something truly magical. They receive joy, luck, love, anything they could wish for, with the help of one of my scales, of course. My scales absorb and reflect light, them being a golden yellow. My scales would grow and collect light, and once full, shine like no other. Most other dragons despised me because of this fact, them just being jealous. My scales also help me when I get injured, they release nutrients that they caught from the sun to heal me. Once they are used for healing, they fall off and a new one begins to grow and take its place. It's a truly magical power I have, but I can't control it. As I lay there collecting sun for my scales, I wonder how the other dragons are doing. There are many of us, but most of them are in hiding from the humans. I sighed to myself, running my large slick tongue over my sharp thick and thin teeth. I began to feel the ground and sense the vibrations within it. In my mind I could see all the animals, the trees, the buildings. I could feel the humans walking, running, doing anything as I was in this state. I began to look around the area I was in, searching for any predators that would be nearby. I felt a human wandering nearby.

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