|Patrick Stump| "A Hug Goodbye."

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You knew you were never good enough for Patrick

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You knew you were never good enough for Patrick. You knew that he would find someone else.

You didn't know the person he would find was going to be your best friend.

"Y/N wait."

You turned to Patrick and spoke monotonously at him.
"I'm sorry."
You shrugged. "I knew it was going to happen. You knew how insecure I was about our relationship. I would have preferred for you to just end it between us but look... it doesn't matter now. I hope you're happy. I will be soon..."

"I'm sorry I couldn't end it with you because... because I wanted you both..." He sighed.

"Well you can't always have what you want. You got to be famous Pat. You had me and then you had her. You never had us both because all along I knew I wasn't yours. You were never mine."

You turned away from him and walked away, feeling nothing because you knew it was going to happen... It hadn't sunk in yet.

The first few months were the toughest. You barely ate, spoke or ventured outside. The whole isolation thing made you more insecure and scared about yourself and others. It took you a whole to trust someone again.

The next person you began to trust was your best friend, Cody. He had been there since the breakup, saying he wasn't worth it and how pretty you were and how much he'd have killed to have been with you.

That took a while, but the pair of you made it. You went on days out together, which soon turned into dates, the two of you practically lived in eachothers homes, you knew everything about eachother, favourite music, film genre.

You got on like a house on fire, so did both sides of your family, you were constantly at various barbequeues and parties. You both knew every person in the family and everyone loved eachother.

He made you soon forget about Patrick who had broken your heart five months previous.
The two of you dated years, Patrick tried getting in touch again, realising his mistake of cheating on you, didn't matter much now, you were head over heels for someone else.


Years later, you stood in front of a large mirror, a white dress reaching down to your feet. Your hair was curled and reached to your shoulders. Your makeup done to perfection, your husband to be was waiting just past the door that stood next to you.

He wasn't Patrick, but he was better than you could have ever imagined.
Cody was that one man that you hadn't realised how much you actually loved him, Patrick seemed to dislike him since the three of you met with each other.

The door buckled open, revealing the church, where people from both sides of the family sat, gazing at you in awe, especially two individuals.

Cody Carson, your husband to be, and Patrick Stump, your last ex before now.

You stepped down the aisle, the gazed of everyone following you as the traditional wedding theme played on the old organ at the back of the chapel. A smile ironed on your face as you came to face your husband, you looked in Patrick's direction to see him looking down for a moment.

You looked to Cody and smiled, before looking at the vicar.
You looked around at the numerous people as the vicar spoke, you looked back into Codys eyes and blushed he smirked.

"Now do you Cody Carson take Y/N L/N to be your lawfully wedded wife?"
"I do."
"And do you Y/N L/N take Cody Carson to be your lawfully wedded husband."
"I do."
"If anyone should object to this marriage, please speak now or forever hold your peace." The vicar announced and stayed silent for a moment.

You heard someone stand up, you looked over to the person and sighed quietly.
"I object! Y/N you can't marry him. He can't love you as much as I did."
"I'm sorry Cody; let me deal with him." You mumbled, feeling Cody tense. He nodded and glared over.

"Patrick, you loved me, yes I'll admit that, but you loved her aswell, you couldn't have us both, if you think this is a fucking fairy tale where I'm going to run into your arms and marry you... You're wrong. I moved on and found my husband here, who I love more than I can say, and the one who I will still marry. Please carry on." You looked to the vicar.

The vicar nodded and you felt Cody sigh in relief. Releasing the tension.

"I now pronounce you husband and wife, you may now kiss the bride." The vicar announced.
The crowd cheered and instantly stood up, the two of you walked down the aisle and all you could feel was the eyes of Patrick slowly burning into you.


You smiled at your husband before passionately kissing him for the photos being taken.
You smiled and walked over to the bridesmaids talking to them. Patrick made his way over and placed a hand on your shoulder, you cleared your throat and nodded.

"Can I talk to you?"
"I suppose so, let's talk somewhere else."
He nodded and the two of you walked towards a fountain that sat in the middle of the venue.

"I'm sorry, I really am."
"I know..." You sighed.
"I just... I still love you Y/N."
"But I don't love you Pat... It took me so long to stop crying at night, wondering why in was never good enough for you and why she was better, yet my best friend who is now my husband, helped me through that, he was always there and I had never noticed and I will always feel guilty for not falling for him first... I'm sorry Pat. But I think this is goodbye for the two of us."
"I love you Y/N."
"I know... I'm sorry."
You embraced eachother and quickly pulled apart.

You turned away from the man, a deep sigh coming from your mouth as you returned to your husband, who had been watching.
"Don't worry... it was a hug goodbye."
"I know, could see the sadness in his eyes."

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