Cute Memories

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Harry's POV

The sneaky little bastard sun peeked through my window making the darkness fade away from my room as I woke up. I turned to see a beautiful Angel sleeping peacefully next to me with his wheezy breathe.

He looks so different. I have never seen my best friend in another way. He looks like a small baby curled up together as his feathery hair was completely messy all over his forehead. It's odd to see him in this way but it felt so right and good. What the hell actually?

I slowly pushed his hair away from his face and I didn't realize that I was leaning forward as I placed a small kiss on his forehead. His lips curved upwards as he opened his eyes to my green ones.

Damn! I have never noticed his eyes this close. They are magnificently blue in colour. As I stared deep into his eyes, I can feel the heavenly-ness getting into my soul.

"Good morning, Curly." Louis smile widely and his morning voice is so damn sexy!

"Good morning!" I said in my raspy voice. I pulled him closer to me. He shot me a confused look.

"Get ready soon. I'm gonna make you breakfast." I whispered in his ears. Louis visibly shivers as I climbed off my bed.

I finished my business in the bathroom as soon as possible and made my way to the kitchen. Mom, dad and Gemma will not be there for this weekend so I invited Louis to spend his night in my home.

My thoughts were swirled up in my mind. Why am I thinking about Louis in a quite.... different way? Now a day's I'm noticing how his lips would move when I ask him something, the way his eyes crinkle when he smiles, the way he scrunches his nose when does his Maths homework, the soft and pink lips when he pouts, the way his eyes widen when he says something really silly and so many!

I opened the kitchen cabinets and took the mix to make pancakes. It's chocolate flavoured and Louis loves it. Simple and tasty.

I placed two plates of pancakes with maple syrup in it as Louis came with is a gorgeous smile and sat on the table.

"Choco-Chocolate pancakes!" Louis cheered. He took a bite of his pancakes as he moaned loudly.

"Harrah! I love it!" I chuckled at the way he called me.

"Seriously, you should cook my food often!"

"I will, I will!" I said and we ate together in comfortable silence.


We both curled up together on the couch as we both watched some series which was going on. I pulled him closer as he snuggled and rested his head on my chest. We both cuddle often but now it's so different. I can feel the butterflies in my stomach and my heartbeat rising. I bet Louis noticed it.

"I think your pretty little heart is gonna jump out of your chest." Louis sassed. I let out a small laugh. He looked at me.



"Why did you make breakfast for me? I mean, you will always do but today... I saw something in your eyes which I couldn't figure it out." He said.

I wish I could answer his question. I don't know what to say. Without answering his question in words I took his hand and slipped my ring onto his finger. He looked at me in confusion.

"Hazza...... It's your favourite ring."

"I know, Boo. I really don't know why I'm giving this to you. You are the most special person in my life and I'm giving my favourite ring to you because you have a very special place in my heart and I don't know how I would have been without you coming into my life. I want you to keep it with you..." I confessed to him. He looked startled.

"I love you Haz!" Louis said and kissed my cheek but my heart aches as it knows his actions are only in a friendly way......


Louis' POV

A wide smile didn't leave my face even for one second throughout my way back to home. I walked inside my home but before going to my room a familiar voice stopped me.

"Hey! What's up with a big smile?" Lottie asked me from the living room. I went to the living room and sat next to her and winked at her.

"Woohoo! Is it Emily?" Lottie asked with a grin.

Emily Wilson. She's Lottie's best friend and also I have a tiny winy crush on her. She should be making me feel things like this but the reason behind my smile and feelings is not her.

"I was in Harry's house, Lottie!" I said with a frown.

"Oh, as if you won't talk about her with Harry!"

"I will go to my room." I gave her a tight smile and went to my room.

I laid down in my bed and stared at my ceiling. What the hell is happening in my life? Whatever is happening is so so wrong. Harry is making me feel things. He's my fucking best friend! I shouldn't feel like this towards him!

I groaned loudly and flipped over to see the photo frame in my nightstand. It's the picture of me and Harry.

I was sitting on his lap and one of my arms was around his shoulder as he kept his hand over my waist

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I was sitting on his lap and one of my arms was around his shoulder as he kept his hand over my waist. We both were smiling very wide and giving a thumbs up. I smiled at the photo 'cause he's so cute and his curls was really curly. I still remember the day when we took that photo. I purposely sat on his lap and we both were talking about anything and everything. After I got tired of so much talking I rested my head on his shoulder and slept as he held me closer.

I have the same feelings for Emily though. I'm all blushing and giggling when she's around. She would be in my home most of the time as she's Lottie's best friend. I know what is my feelings towards Emily but what's my feelings towards Harry..?

Is it okay to feel like this about two persons at the same time?

I should be a mad person to think like this! I'm going insane!

I facepalmed myself and turned my hand to look at my hand. The ring Harry gave to me shined brightly.

I pushed my stupid thoughts aside and closed my eyes to sleep. A message popped up on my phone. I took my phone and unlocked it. I shook my head and smiled at the silly message.

Harrah 💞
I know that you're asleep but I just wanna say you're damn pretty! ;)
Goodnight, sleep tight! Wov you!❤️❤️

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