Interaction and Feedback

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When I first heard about Wattpad, I had to download it. As an aspiring author, I wanted a writing platform which would allow me to practice my writing skills. Wattpad delivered precisely what I wanted.

Wattpad, for ambitious writers, allows for an audience which will give honest feedback to the writer's abilities and encourage said author. 

Wattpad, for curious readers, grants them access to countless categories -ranging from romance to even LGBTQ+ - from which they can pick any story their heart desires, free of charge.
Wattpad isn't only used by readers and writers; for example, it is also used by would-be graphic designers who draw up covers for authors in need. 

Wattpad allows me to interact with my readers who help and or encourage me to write more. It helps with an artist's self-esteem, to find people who are willing to read your stories without you asking them. 

The platform has encouraged me to write at least once a week which can only improve ones writing which aid in other activities outside the app. 

Wattpad has only been helpful towards me and my dreams, and I do not know where I would be without it.

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