Trust Yourself

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I'm @HeartlessThoughts (I'm nicer than my username suggests, promise!) 

I've been a reader/writer on Wattpad since 2012 and honestly, can't imagine not having Wattpad in my life. Yup, two sentences in and I've dropped a cheesy line.

It's not always been easy for me to post my chapters online. My own self-doubt got in the way and the fear of people judging my work negatively. For these reasons, my journey on Wattpad has been up and down but also ridiculously rewarding. 

As a new writer, it's daunting to put your work out there for the world to criticize. It's even scarier to think no one will read your story. 

After first-hand experience at going through the above sentiments, I would advise to put those niggling thoughts at the back of your mind and just focus on what you love. Writing. 

You're not the only one with an obsessive love for writing, trust me ;)

Join clubs where you can meet other writers, share tips and promote your story!

Read stories from new writers like yourself, vote, comment and they will do the same.

Interacting with other users is the best way to get your writing out there. 

In my humble opinion, Wattpad is the nicest, friendliest community of writers/readers you'll ever come across so make the most of it.

Good luck with your writing and looking forward to reading your stories! 

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