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"He kissed you, Piper. Isnt that, like, your dream?" I smiled at my blushing best friend.

Piper shrugged. She'd begun telling me what happened with her and Jason when I was unconscious in Percys room, and apparently, Jason was actually a very shy guy. Very different from his videos with Percy, when they made idiots out of themselves.

"How are you not screaming in excitement?" I smile at her, taking a bite of ramen noodles. We had nestled in at her house, hiding from my family, who would obviously be looking for me by now, in her not so girly bedroom. Sure, there was a fan made poster of a Romance Novel cover with a shirtless Jason Grace on the front, but that was the girliest thing in the room.

The rest of the decorations consisted of a surf board, pictures of the beaches in Florida, where she used to live with her dad, and an old guitar that was hung on the wall.

The walls themselves were covered, absolutely covered, in holographic paint. That way, they changed like her eyes, between a rainbow of colors, like they couldn't decide which color they wanted to be. Her bed, where Annabeth and Piper sat in pajamas, was a dark blue, with purple train to cover the hole under the frame. She added curtain rods and black out curtains to the top so she had a kind of princess bed that she could hide in. It was useful when playing hide and seek in the dark, which we still do, even as college students.

The floor was a fluffy, dark green carpet, and the ceiling was bright purple. It was an odd room, to say the least, but it was basically my second home.

"I'm more worried about you, Annie. I know Percy almost kissed you." Piper said, getting her fan girl face on.

"Yeah, almost, as in it didn't happen." I dead panned. "It didn't happen multiple times."

"And one of those times was my fault, I know... But hey, you got another meet with him next week."

"Yeah, once a week. Because that's the way to write a song."

"Annabeth, now you're just being bitter. He's busy, just like we are."

"I know, but still." I sighed, eating some more of her noodles, but my heart wasn't in it.

I wished he had kissed me, even if I did have a boyfriend. A little bit of bliss in a never ending cycle of bitterness was better than none at all. Hell, I would have gratefully dumped Luke and taken every risk of his fury if Percy had just kissed me.

He had totally crushed my heart like a bug when he changed directions. I was excited for a kiss from Percy Fucking Jackson but he changed his fucking mind. That was a huge confidence booster.

"You should go see him tomorrow morning. Jason showed me their schedule for the next two weeks... Turns out, they record on Saturdays... Tomorrow is Saturday... You should go surprise him. Maybe you could be in the video."

"Right." I sighed sarcastically, "That is so smart. Barge in on him recording a video-"

"He's doing a 'whose the better kisser' video." I laughed. "Jason said he needed someone else in the video. I volunteered, for both of us."


"We get both get to kiss Percy. Jason said hes having a guy come over to do it too." I giggled.

"I don't know, Pipes. You know I'm with Luke."

"I also know you hate being with Luke. Come on, give Luke a call, dump him-"

"And risk loosing my life?"

"He wont kill you. I wont let him. Just do it, okay? Over the phone so he doesn't try hitting you the moment you break it off."

"Fine..." I groaned and grabbed my phone. "Can you press call? I don't want to do it..."

"Totally." Piper swiped the phone, went to the contacts and opened Luke's. She pressed call and put the phone to my ear.

"Annabeth?" Luke growled over the phone. "Its two in the god damn morning."

"I know, I'm sorry... Look, Luke..." I looked to Piper for moral support and she smiled. I sighed and continued, "This isn't working out... Luke, I'm sorry, but I'm breaking up with you."

"No. Your not." He snarled.

"Yes. I am. You don't own me, you cant control me, Luke." I took the phone from Pipers hand and held it myself. "I'm a person, not property. We're over."

I hung up before i lost my courage. A wave of relief flooded my chest and Piper smiled, hugging me. I already knew that I made a mistake though... There was no way Luke would give up that easily. He was gonna do whatever it took to get me back... And i was kind of scared of what that would entail.

"Pipes, this was a bad idea." I sighed, hugging myself. "He's gonna come after me."

"We wont let him."

"We being?"

"Us. Your friends. And Jason. And Percy. Probably especially Percy. Don't worry about it, Annabeth. Be glad, now you can move out of your dads place, and into the spare room here. Roomies!"

I laughed and smiled in relief. "Thanks."

"What are friends for? Now sleep."

I smiled and moved to curl up under the blankets, while Piper got up, probably to get more food. I fell asleep quickly, doe the first time since I met Luke, but only after putting my headphones in, and turning on one of Percy's videos, where he was singing the song Classic by MKTO. It was upbeat, but romantic... I imagined he was singing it to me, and a smile spread on my face as I fell into a deep sleep, relaxing completely.

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