Rythm and Consistency

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Dear aspiring writers,

I will keep this advice simple and juicy. Read on.

- Keep the chapters short: For the sake of your readers, make sure they can breeze through the chapters. I get annoyed when I have to stop reading before the chapter is over. You should be able to read every chapter you post in under two minutes. 

- Every sentence should move the plot forward: The pace of your book should be fast and the reader should at most times feel a thrill. This is less true for genres such as romance or historical fiction but equally powerful if used in those genres.

- No time for fluff or useless details: Lose the elaborate descriptions unless absolutely necessary. The details should tie in with the story otherwise the fluff will clearly feel out of place. If you practice free writing, I recommend editing heavily before you post online.

- Be Consistent: A key to succeeding in life as well as writing, in general, is to keep at it. Write every day. Post your chapters regularly so people who do read your work have something to look forward to. Finishing your story will help you attain that sweet satisfaction of accomplishment. 

- Network: Meet and connect with your audience. Talk to them. Ask them what they like. Write with their needs in mind. Respond to their comments. Make a personal connection with them. Do all that with fellow writers as well. Join a group. Have discussions. Be open, helpful and humble.

Wattpad is a great platform for putting your story out there and getting instant feedback. One of the best tools to learn and develop your craft. Wish you all the very best.

Harneet Bajwa 

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