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You had juat finished college and It had been a long day your mum couldn't pick you up so you had to walk home. You got a milkshake to walk home with you took your phone out of your pocket to read the messages that you just got, you weren't looking where you were going and all of a sudden you dumped in to a guy and you had fell which made your drink go all over you and on the floor, your phone had fallen on the floor you looked up to see Charlie Lenehan he held out his hands and pulled you up, he picked your phone up luckily it was fine and give it back to you.

" Hey I am so sorry are you ok " he asked looking at you.

" yeah Don't worry about it " you say back but nervous. He looked at you drink on the floor.

" Am Charlie Lenehan" he says putting his hand out for you to shake his hand.

" Am amber" you say shaking his hand. Trying not to fangirl over him.

" let me buy you a new one please" Charlie looked at you with a sorry look. You looked at him with a smile and said yes. You both walking in the shop and he paid your yours and he got one for himself. Charlie turned to look at her.
"Do you wanna hang out" he asked you with a smile.

" sure I would love that" you say back blushing. You and Charlie decided to go to the park just so you can chat and hang out . You arrived at the park and you and Charlie sat on the swings and talked for an an hour Charlie got off the swing and ran to the roundabout, you looked at Charlie who was looking at you smiling.

" come over" Charlie said. So you got up and went towards him and got on the roundabout and he started to push you for you didn't know that time was getting on.

" Charlie I got to get going my mum will be wondering where I am" you say to Charlie looking at your phone.
" let me walk you home" Charlie offered.
" sure" you smiled you and Charlie walked   to your house when you arrived at your gate you both stopped and looked at each other.

" Hey amber I had fun and I was wondering if I could get your number and go on a date if you want" Charlie asked you could tell he was shy you got his phone and put your number in and give Charlie his phone back.

" and I would love to go on that dat" you say with a smile. He smiles back you get to your door and turn around and wave.

It's been 4 months and you and Charlie had been on 3 dates you and him hung out all the time and it felt like you knew him since forever. Charlie was at yours and you both were watching netflix, you were in the middle of your movie when Charlie paused the movie and looked at you.

" amber I have a question for you" Charlie says grabbing you hands. You didn't say anything sobe would carry on.

"So we been on dates and we so close and you are just amazing so I was wondering if you like to be my girlfriend" Charlie says you look up at him and your eyes widened and you couldn't help but to smile.

" of course I will be your girlfriend" you say to Charlie happy you both cuddle and continue watching your movie.

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