Lessons Learned at Summer Camp

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Colleen Wait

January 2010

"I don't see what the big deal is," groaned Keri as the group of high school girls

filed into the camp cabin.

"Weren't you listening?" asked Ana as she bounced into the room, auburn

ponytail swinging behind her.

"I don't believe anything I do now will have anything to do with when I grow up. It

won't 'haunt' me," Keri groaned.

"You have no conscious," Ana rolled her eyes. Keri and Ana had debates like

this daily. Ana was the upbeat, positive, slightly hyperactive girl while Keri mostly


"Keri is right," added Jen, "People always say that what happens to you when

you are a baby or growing up makes you who you are as a grown-up. I think

that's a crock. It's just an excuse to blame your parents for your problems and

get sympathy for stupid choices." Jen was an ordinary girl, fair skinned, blue

eyes, light brown hair. Not pretty, but not homely either. She was quiet for the

most part, didn't participate in group discussions.

"The past is the past," added Keri.

"All those statistics the preacher guy quoted can't possibly be true!" stated Joey

quietly from the corner of the room. Her real name was Josephine but she dared

anyone to call her that. Joey was a self-proclaimed tough-guy and hated every

second of summer camp.

"The Bible," continued Keri as she applied more black eyeliner, "doesn't say

anywhere that you can't have sex before marriage." Keri had thick black hair

with long thick bangs and dark brown eyes. The combination gave her a very

haunted look.

"Didn't you hear what the preacher said?" asked Ana, as her friend and

bunkmate nodded in agreement from the top bunk. Ana continued to flit across

the room from bunk to bunk.

"Yeah, sure, but he didn't quote any scripture, so he made it up. Besides, as

long as you don't get pregnant, what's the big deal?" Keri groaned.

"Did you see that fine guy sitting across from us?" asked Sabrina, trying to

change the subject.

"Ohh, yeah, he's hot,' agreed Eva, the only black girl in the room. Eva was an

aspiring model, dressed more for summer camp in the Hampton's than in the

woods of central Florida.

Angel listened to this banter for a few more minutes, wondering if they had just

been in the same room for the last hour, listening to the same devotional on

purity. Then it hit her. "You know girls, I was wondering all week why God put

me with this particular group of girls. I always pray about the group of girls I

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