Chapter:13 ~ Insane (Part I)

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Ariana's POV:

He said he wants me to stay with him. Even if I refused him, I can't confess how beautiful it sound from a person whom you love so much that you can't even move on with your life without him.

He gets more close and I got nervous as always. This feeling will be my end if I didn't get used to it. If I had to pay my heart for his every move which he makes towards me then I will go bankrupt only in few minutes to come.


'Mam, Please don't give this much assignment. Please. Please. Please.', Amber, my student said making a cute pout.

'Mam, look. If you give us this much work, how are we going to enjoy these holidays. I promise if you give only give us a small loose with the work, we will submit as much as possible assignment you will provide us.', Jason, my another student said making me laugh at their impractical demands.

'Oh my God. He is "The Xavier Williams".', Daisy said making our eyes move to the site where she widened her eyes in shock.

'Oh my Gosh! He is so stunning and so handsome.', Summer said with her mouth covered by her one hand while almost jumping in happiness.

'Who is he?', I asked as I was unable to see his face. His side was facing me and I was just able to took a glance of his cheeks.

'Mam, you don't know him? He is the billionaire of this century. Also, he is one of the biggest trustee of our institute and the important fact is that he paid multi-million dollars for our institute for cancer and heart patients for their expensive surgeries who were unable to get the facilities.', Jason said making my heartbeat to raise more fast for this person.

So, he is the person who donated that much money which was being discussed yesterday in the faculty room. 

He turned a little to me. I saw his dimple when he smiled. My heartbeat is already raised. I never felt this much soft at such a simple glance.

He took out his phone from his pocket and kept it on his ear. He turned around while still talking on the phone.

I don't know why but I felt shy when he looked in my direction. Before he could capture me staring I turned around and walked towards my cabin.

'Mam, where are you going? Are you going to cancel our assignment?', Jason asked walking besides me. Other girls were still staring at the same handsome man standing a few feet  over there.

'Go to your next class. And you have to complete your work otherwise you'll fail this subject.', I said pacing my steps much faster. Jason stopped in his track as he felt the never ending assignment game getting over.

I let out a breath when I reached my room. I know it was just an infatuation and nothing else. Everyone complimented him and that's why my brain forced me to like him. It's nothing else. You need to calm down, Ariana.


I opened my eyes to see him looking at me already. I never knew that the person I saw there in the college was going to be my first and the only love of my life. When he kissed below my eye I felt the same feelings when his lips which were on the same place two years ago.

He is changed and me too. But the thing between us is still the same.

I wish he could be my destiny and I could be his. But I am here just as his revenge.

'Sign the papers.', He said locking his eyes to me.

How can he be so warm and so cold in just a matter of seconds? He kissed me and now he is back to being rude again.

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