Chapter 13

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The Base-ics

A/N: This chapter is really going to be more about the characters lives. I figured you guys needed a break from the intense chapters and fights. Enjoy!!!

Lilly's POV:

     I woke up this morning aching all over, sore from our big night last night. Kaitie was still asleep so I woke her up by shaking her as roughly as I could. Come on, that's what best friends are for, right? "What the heck?!" she screamed at me. "You know you love me, now get up so we can go get some breakfast." we got up still in our PJs and made our way to the cafeteria.

     "Lilly, over here." Jake yelled from the other side of the food court. He was sitting with my mom. My mom and boyfriend were bonding, how great is that? "Well Lilly, you caught a good one." my mom said as she got up and left the table."Hey Jake." Kaitie said sitting down across from us. For a food court at a spy base, they have pretty good food here. I kissed Jake on the cheek. "You missed." he said right before he planted one right on my lips. "Gosh, it's good to have a boyfriend." I said as we pulled away and we all chuckled. Jake smirked "I have that effect on people." he said as he pecked me on the lips again. "Oh, get a room." Kaitie teased and I threw a grape at her.

       John and Chris came in and we signaled for them to come sit near us. Kaitie and John sat together and when they kissed I figured I could get some revenge. "Ewwww, Kaitieeee." I whined sarcastically. "Oh, shut up." she said. "Am I missing something?" Chris said with a confused look on his face. "Nevermind." Kaitie and I said still laughing.

       "Where's Christina?" Chris asked Jake. "The Base Commander called her in to give a summary of what happened." Jake said confidently. "Okay, I'm gonna say what everyone is thinking cause none of you will," Chris started, "How did those spies know where we were?" everyone was thinking that Christina was a dirty spy. Jake was starting to tighten his jaw. "Don't. Christina would never do something like that." Jake said starting to get defensive. "I know that but I don't know how they would find us? Who could have told them?" everyone stared at Chris. He had some guts to say that to someone who could kick his... "I have to go." Jake stood up and walked out of the room with his fists balled up.

    "Jake!" I yelled as I chased after him. He stopped and ran his hands through his hair trying to calm down. "You know what the funny thing is? What they're saying actually makes sense." he told me and I just ran up to him and hugged him. He relaxed his muscles a little. "What happens if it's true?" he started to say. "It isn't. I know it and you know it." he loosened his grip a little to look at me while I talked to him. "If it is true than we will get through it." I told him and we broke apart. "I don't even know who else I can trust anymore. You are the only one." he said with such a broken look on his face. "I know how it feels." I said and he kissed me, making my stomach flip and fill with butterflies.  I did know how it felt. When my mom and brother weren't home and my dad was I thought they turned rogue too. I was with Jake the whole time. He is litarally the only person I can truly trust besides Kaitie. We broke apart catching our breathe. I realized at that moment that I didn't love him, I was in love with him.

***********Later that night***********

       I grabbed all the snacks I could and I ran back to my dorm. Kaitie pushed play on the remote and we started to watch Twilight. We planned on watching all five movies between tonight and tomorrow night. We pigged out on all the junk food we could possibly eat. "So do you think it's Christina?" Kaitie asked innocently.  "There is always a possibility but I don't think its her." I said honestly. "I thought I was the only one besides Jake that thinks she's innocent." she said with a true breath of releif. "Can we talk about something else?" my voice shook when I said that knowing all of this was about my father. They had been working on helping him all day and I don't know if it is going to work. I'm scared. "Sure."She knew how bad it hurt me to think and talk about my dad.

        "Where's Josh. I haven't seen him?" Kaitie asked. "You know how he likes the spy gear and gadgets? Well, he was with the inventors all day trying to invent something of his own!" I said with pride. My little brother was a genius.  "Wow. I always knew he was smart. How is Jake holding up?" I thought a while. "He has his ups and downs but I realized today that through everything he stayed, even though he could have left me and made himself safe and..... I think I'm in love with him." I confessed to her and she looked shocked. "Wow. Do you think he feels the same way?" she looked at me teying to read the answer off of my expressions. "I think so." I stated plainly and she jumped to her feet squeeling like a normal girl. I missed this normal girl stuff. "I can't believe it. You guys are officially the best couple ever." and than I hopped on my feet and we both jumped up and down squeeling together.

        All of a sudden there was a bang on the door. We stopped dead in our tracks. Then the door swug open. It was Christina and she didn't look good.


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