4| The Everything.

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4| The Everything.

"I look like an idiot don't I? This was your plan all along wasn't it? Set me up with a cute girl who probably doesn't even like me and then try and help me with it but actually make me look like an idiot." Luke rambled, feeling over the clothes that Ashton had picked out for him.

He didn't look like an idiot; he looked smart and fresh and new. Ash had chosen out a plaid shirt over the top of a black top, Luke's necklace on top as well as some skinny jeans. He didn't look too dressed up, yet he didn't look like a slob, and that was the goal Luke set.

"You look fine, she'll love it as long as it isn't one of those fucking jumpers you wear all the time. This looks like you put a little effort in." Ash patted his back, picking up his walking stick and passing it to Luke as they started to get to the car. Even though Annie didn't live too far away, as it was quite cold out Luke thought it was better to drive.

Ash didn't mind driving them, afterwards he was going to spend some time at Rosie's until Luke text him. Or Annie text him from Luke's phone.

Luke closed the door behind him, leaving his seatbelt off as it was about a minute to Annie's.

Ash helped him out the car, walking to the front door and about to knock until Luke stopped him. "Can you, like- hide? But still tell me what she looks like but try not to make it obvious." Luke thanked him as Ashton stood behind Luke.

Even though Luke was taller, Ashton was slightly broader, making this whole situation look like Dumb and Dumber.

Luke knocked, hand holding a small bouquet of purple tulips as he shifted on his feet. Annie opened the door with a wide smile, giggling at the boy wearing sunglasses at night. Of course he had his reasons, but he still looked silly to Annie.

She was wearing a tight white dress that reached her mid thighs. She was wearing a small jacket that (in all honesty) wouldn't keep her very warm. But she looked amazing, stunning even.

"Woaw..." Ash mumbled, intimidating Luke even more. The fact that she could take his words away scared him, was she out of his league?

"She looks hot." Ashton whispered to Luke, hiding back behind him once he'd finished staring at Annie.

"I can't stay that! That's rude, what's a better word?" Luke hissed, his face turning sideways slightly to get closer to Ash.

"Pretty, beautiful, stunning, gorgeous-"

"Remember you have your own girlfriend." Luke threatened, turning back to a red and giggling Annie who couldn't help but think this friendship was adorable.

She never would of thought Luke was the one pushing Ashton into the lockers, mocking him for his good grades and glasses. He's even mocked him for being 'whipped' over Rosie, he mocked him for anything. And now they were best friends, or at least Luke thought so, because friends who make blind jokes together, stay together.

"You look- Uh- beautiful." Luke smiled, handing the flowers forward and shivering once their fingers touched. It wasn't important, it's not like she kissed him or did anything of that genre, her fingers simply grazed his, but he was so excited. Excited for what the night had to hold and to give.

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