Please request me

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Because you kill me with your requests. If you do not provide I plot, I will reject it. Rejecting things make me cry. Chapter will be deleted in a week.

Also there's an on going Q & A on my previous chapter, be sure to check that out and ask me things. Questions and concerns, I'm here listening.

I would like to say and state a few things:
For those who requested last year (sorry I know that long)I will be declining your requests because
1. They have no plot
2. They are really simple eg: Karma x Cheater! Reader PLZZZZZ

However for the user who requested Nagisa x Depressed! Reader and Karma x Short! Reader, I will be writing yours.

When you request:
- Please state which character x reader
- no lemon/lime (slight dirty jokes implied is okay, however I'll decide)
- pm is acceptable if you don't want others to know the plot
- please do not comment down a request without a small plot

Add a plot please
This is the only reason why I'm opening requests. I need fresh ideas from other's perspective.

Please do not send in a lengthy detailed paragraph about the whole story. You are capable of writing it yourself.

There is a difference with a lengthy detailed paragraph and a long paragraph full of important information.

**Before you request please think of a plot. Even a small one consisting of at least 4 lines.**

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