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I made a quick FAQ before you guys send me a bunch of questions. I know you're going to send them anyway and this is all in vain, but I have to try.

1.) Is this story related to Alex's Girl/Lost Then Found?

NO. NO IT IS NOT. I literally considered switching out the character's names for completely different ones to avoid this question, and I probably should have, but I am lazy. Please view this as ALEX'S GIRL FAN FICTION if you have to. It is NOT canon.

2.) Are you sure it's not related to Alex's Girl/Lost Then Fo--?


3.) When did you write this? It's garbage tbh.

A very very very very long time ago. Considering I'd rather die than write about high school students now, I'd guess around 5 years? Basically around the time I wrote A Method of Discipline, which I also consider trash. You'll actually notice there are some similarities between the two stories (AKA Val acting out for Alex's attention) and that's because I actually wrote both this and A Method of Discipline pretty much in the same day, using similar themes, because I was going to submit one for a contest and couldn't decide between the two.

4.) Why did you end up submitting A Method of Discipline over this story?

Because A Method of Discipline is teacher/student and I wanted to win a popularity contest on Wattpad. And it won, so.

5.) Why are Alex and Val in high school together? Does this take place before Alex's Girl?

Reading comprehension is so important. Please see both the NOTICE in the story summary, and the first two questions in this FAQ. They are unrelated. This is not a prequel. That wouldn't even make sense.

6.) Why did you make Gabe a dumb jock? Why is Alex super sexually aggressive? Why is Val a lil bish?

Because I could. I don't know. I actually think he'd belong more to the punk/stoner crowd. Like I said, I really should have just switched out all their names because the characters are very different.

6.) Why did you decide to post this story now?

Well, because it's Valentine's Day! But also because why not? It's actually also very similar to something I WILL be writing one day, so I've always hesitated to post this just because I don't want to cause any future confusion, but we're clearly past that point now.

7.) Did you write this instead of working on the next chapter of Lost Then Found?

No. I wrote this forever ago. See #3.

8.) How is the next Chapter of Lost Then Found coming?

Slowly, that's why I'm distracting you with this short story. HA! Bamboozled.

Okay Happy Valentine's Day!



(Bet you didn't notice I listed #6 twice)

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