"Where are you going?" Darby called after her.

Val waved at her bubbly friend from over her shoulder. "To settle this," she answered as she dropped her newly emptied beer bottle to the ground.

She'd had enough of Miss Perfect.


Val entered the dark, quiet locker room. It felt deserted, but she knew better. She walked straight down the aisle that separated one half of the room from the other. She passed rows of lockers on each side, heading straight for the back where she knew Alex Sterling would be making out with her quarterback boyfriend. Val finally reached the end and peeked around the final row of lockers.

Sure enough, there they were. Gabe had pressed the blonde up against the locker, his hands holding her face and his lips over hers. Their bodies were pressed together, with her arms wrapped around his neck as she pulled him closer.

Val stepped into the open, hoping one of them would notice her and stop. She couldn't keep her eyes off of Alex's face, the way the blonde threw her head back and moaned when Gabe's lips reached her neck and one of his hands felt its way up and under her soccer jersey. Val idly wondered what Alex's skin felt like.

There was an uncomfortable feeling settling in Val's stomach. Why was seeing them together so disturbing? Was it because Gabe had been Val's boyfriend before? She hadn't even liked him that much to begin with, if she were being honest with herself. In fact seeing him kissing Alex only reminded Val of how bad of a kisser he was.

Unable to take it anymore and sick of feeling like a voyeur, Val cleared her throat. This startled the couple, and the two instantly pulled away from each other. Gabe almost backed away so fast that he nearly tripped backwards over the wooden bench behind him.

Alex, on the other hand, had already collected herself, and eyed Val with an arched brow and a look of mild interest.

"Jesus Christ, Val," Gabe yelled, running his hands through his dark hair and quickly adjusting his pants to hide his... excitement. His breathing was labored and his cheeks red. "You can't just sneak up on people like that!" He said, straightening and glaring at her.

Val smiled at him then folded her arms over her chest and leaned her shoulder into the nearest locker. "Sorry, Gabe," she replied. Her gaze flickered from Gabe to Alex, who was as untouchable as ever. "Sterling," she greeted with a slight bow of her head.

"Greco," Alex greeted, her eyes hardened to steel and her full lips twitched with distaste as she looked Val up and down.

Unlike Gabe, Alex looked as though she hadn't just been getting hot and heavy. Instead she looked pristine, touched by no one else but the sculptor that had carved every detail of her flawless face and body from the finest stone the Earth had ever created.

Her breathing seemed under control, and though her long golden hair had come undone from its usual tight ponytail, the tousled look only made it look better. Like most of the team, Alex hadn't taken off her soccer uniform yet. As much as Val hated to admit it, no one looked as good in it as Alex did.

The jersey was a bold blue, which only served to deepen the hue of Alex's eyes. Her shorts revealed her toned thighs, her legs and—Val noticed with some amusement—that Alex still hadn't taken off her cleats. Then again, neither had Val.

Alex arched a slender brow at the shorter girl. "What do you want, Greco?"

Gabe's eyes flickered between the two of them and swallowed. Obviously they were both going to fight over him. Normally he'd drool at the idea, but he knew how vicious a Greco versus Sterling fight got.

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