The Locker Room

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"I hate her," Val declared, watching as the blonde laughed at something the star quarterback, Gabe Owen, had said. They made an infuriatingly gorgeous couple. It made Val's blood boil.

"I know," Darby replied, handing her friend another beer. "Everyone knows Sterling stole Gabe from you, Val. She's a heartless bitch. Just try and ignore her okay? We won today, you should be celebrating!"

Valerie Greco made sure to stay as far as possible from Alex Sterling. Though they were on the same soccer team—and had been for four years—they had never gotten along.

It wasn't news to anyone at Caswell High School that Val Greco and Alex Sterling had it out for each other. It was almost as if they were fated to be enemies the second they both stepped on campus four years ago. No one even knew what happened between the two to make them hate each other so passionately, but whatever it was made it impossible for them to get along afterwards.

They were both popular in a sense, but they couldn't be more different.

Sterling was the star student, the school idol. She was the president of both the Model UN club and the Debate team, the co-captain of the soccer team, and she was so beautiful and mysterious that the more she pulled away from her fellow classmates the more aggressive they became in trying to win her affections. If you managed to get Alex Sterling to look in your direction then you would consider yourself lucky to bask in her gaze. If you could get her to smile at you, however, then a goddess was blessing you. Students and faculty all adored her. It made Val furious.

Greco, on the other hand, was the other co-captain of the soccer team—but that was as far as her school spirit went. When she wasn't skipping class she was causing trouble somewhere. The only reason the school didn't expel her years ago was because they were too afraid of her father to risk it. She was far more interested in pulling pranks, practically burning down the cafeteria, and making life as difficult as possible for goody-goody Sterling. Students loved Val too, but for different reasons. She wasn't their idol; she was their entertainer.

Sophomore year, the rivalry between Sterling and Greco had gotten so bad that the rest of the soccer team had to intervene. Alex and Val had begrudgingly promised the rest of their team to be civil to each other while playing soccer, but that didn't mean they had to like each other or get along. And they never did.

Now their team had just played—and won—what would be their last soccer game of their high school careers. The soccer team was throwing a party on the soccer field to celebrate. It wasn't exactly allowed, as there was a lot of alcohol and they were all high school students, but the soccer field and gymnasium were rather far from the rest of the school building. It was late anyway—no faculty members would be around.

Val didn't mean to, but she accidentally caught Alex's striking blue eyes from across the field, as if all the dancing bodies she had strategically placed between them didn't matter. Fury erupted in Val's chest at the smug smile that spread across Alex's infuriatingly beautiful face. Who did she think she was anyway?

Alex held Val's gaze for a few seconds longer before releasing her, causing Val to release a shaky breath. Instead, the blonde returned her attention to Gabe, the boyfriend she had stolen from Val only two months ago. She slid her hand into his, glanced briefly in Val's direction again, and then began to tug him off the field and towards the gymnasium.

Val's piercing green eyes watched the hated couple leave the field and then disappear through the backdoor that led directly into the girl's locker room. Val took a long swig from her beer, wiped at her mouth with the back of her hand, and then followed after them.

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