Part 1: Who are you?

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Lucy found herself standing in front of a town named Magnolia, Lucy walked around town sniffing the air for her brother Natsu Dragneel, Lucy was wearing the cloak the celestial king gave her. A few bystanders gawked at the figure in the hooded cloak as she made her way to the guild. After a couple of minutes standing in front of the Fairy Tail guild hall she finally decided to walk in. The guild was as crazy as it usually is Erza yelling at Natsu and Gray, Mira behind the bar, Cana chugging a barrel of whiskey. Everything was normal until Lucy walked in, everything stopped, everyone turned there head at this mysterious cloaked person. Natsu knowing who it was cowered behind Erza, leaving the redhead curious of this new comer to make Natsu shrink back. Lucy locked eyes with Natsu and stomped her way over to him, Erza being Erza stepped in front of Lucy and crossed her arms "Who are you? Why are you hear?" Erza asked with a booming voice Natsu whimpered to Erza "d-d-dont make h-her mad e-e-erza" Lucy looked shocked under the hood as knowone could see her face, where had she heard that name before. Lucy's mind instantly clicked when she remembered hearing about a redheaded mage named Titania Erza of Fairy tail. Lucy smirked at the redhead and walked past her grabbing Natsu by the scarf, Lucy has an identical scarf but its blue instead of white. "Put him down" the command came from a shocked Erza. "Why?" Lucy asked still smirking, "Before I answer that answer me this, friend or foe?" The redhead questioned. Lucy sighed and then continued on to yell at Natsu "HOW COULD YOU LEAVE ME THERE ALL ALONE FOR 12 YEAR NATSY, I WENT HUNTING AND I CAME BACK AND YOU WERE GONE! HOW WAS I SUPPOSED TO FEEL WHEN I SAW YOU GONE!?" Lucy slapped Natsu on the cheek before Erza yanked Lucy back and had 100 swords pointed at her, the swords didn't faze Lucy one bit. Lucy glanced around the guild to see the members standing on high alert after she hit Natsu. "FRIEND or Foe!" Erza yelled, Lucy looked at Erza then to Natsu, taking in the redheads features. Lucy turned to Natsu and said "Y-you didn't tell them a-about me?" Tears welling up in her eyes. Erza glanced between Natsu and the cloaked girl, Lucy slid her hood off revealing her face and hair. Erza took in the blondes looks before she mentally slapped herself, "Care to explain Natsu?" Erza asked looking at the crying blonde. Natsu sighed and said "Hehe this is Lucy.... Lucy D-d-dragneel..." gasps came over the guild " twin sister".


Hey i know the chapters are really short but there will be lots of them so sorry 'bout the short chapters i will try to make them longer.

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