Chapter twenty-one: Mind Struggle

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 Brandy pulls away from the house a few yards. She can't risk being seen. Killing the lights and the engine, she hasn't a clue what she is going to do. She doesn't have any hard evidence on Harrison, just hearsay. What she'd like to do, is go up to the house, kick the door in, drag Harrison out into the yard, and force him to talk. She would beat a confession out of him if it came to it. Brandy isn't concerned with being reprimanded, or suspended. At this point in time, there is no Chief of Police. But, Brandy knows that even though she doesn't have to worry about Harvey Dunn, that breaking protocol, in any fashion, will have severe consequences nonetheless. If Brandy isn't careful how this situation is handled, Harrison Kringe, guilty or not, could walk free. A ruthless defense attorney would work the justice system, against itself.

Brandy lays her head back, and closes her eyes. She lets out a big sigh of frustration. She can't stand having these feelings of being lost, and not knowing what to do. Brandy tries to remain calm, and clear her mind. She reminds herself, 'Breathe in,...breathe out.'

Brandy's thoughts have subsided, somewhat. Now all she can think about is the uncomfortable dinner they shared. She still struggles to imagine Harrison as being guilty of such a heinous crime as murder...he was such a gentleman during dinner. Brandy continues to beat herself up over the issue, 'Just my luck, I finally meet a guy, and he turns out to be Norman Fucking Bates.'

It's getting late, Brandy yawns, trying to stay awake. 'I need coffee' She doesn't have plans to go knocking on the door just yet, but she doesn't want to leave either. This unplanned stakeout of sorts, has become more of a test of will within her own mind. Stay or go, confront or wait. She doesn't have to be here right now...she wants to.

Brandy's head begins to nod, she quickly jerks back. Nearly falling asleep, she shakes the grogginess away, and forces her eyes wide. Time is against her, it is well past her normal hours. Her head bobbing resumes, and is more frequent than she'd like. She is losing the battle against her own consciousness.

'Tap-tap-tap-tap' The sound of something metal, perhaps, gently rapping on the glass of her back window, startles her. Brandy snaps from a brief blackout, quickly looking from side to side, and to the rear. She sees nothing.

'Maybe it was just a dream'

Her heart is beating at a quickened pace, and she's sweating. She rolls the windows down to let the trapped mugginess escape into the night. The fresh air does her good, but only for a few moments. Brandy's eyelids fall together, once again.

'Hee-Hee-Hee' A child laughing, jerks Brandy awake again, she inhales a gasp of cool air, checking all her mirrors,...nothing...

'Shit...what the hell is wrong with me.'

She suddenly notices, it is now morning. It is still dark, but the sun can be seen breaking across the horizon. Brandy has slept through the night, but doesn't feel she has slept at all. She opens the door and steps from the vehicle. Stretching her legs feels good, as they have become cramped from being in the same position for too long. As she takes in a deep breath of the chilled morning air, she turns and nearly pisses herself. She jumps back, at the sight. Abby faces her, standing just a few feet away in the road.