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"GRRR....." Lucy stomps her foot on the ground of the cave causing a loud echo. "WHERE IS HE!!??, NATSU, NATSU WHERE ARE YOU!?" Lucy shouts as she runs to find her twin. Lucy and Natsu are 7 and Igneel the fire dragon had left the year x777. Lucy had been taking care of her brother, she told him to stay in the cave so she could go hunting for food. She came back 3 hours later to find her brother missing. Lucy did not know this but her brother had wondered to a guild called Fairy Tail. Lucy collapsed and started crying, she was walking in the forest one day and saw a woman with blonde hair and a tall man sitting next to her. Lucy walked closer to them and accidentally stepped on a branch, Lucy froze as both people turned and looked at the little girl. The woman stood up and walked toward Lucy, Lucy stood there trembling with fear. The woman crouched down and put her hand on Lucy's shoulder and spoke "Hi i'm Layla Heartfilia, are you lost?" Lucy just simply shook her head and Layla invited Lucy to come home with her and her husband later known as Jude. Layla took Lucy in and taught her everything she knows.
3 years later Lucy had been given Layla's keys after Layla died, Jude became distant and cruel. Lucy trained tirelessly and found more celestial keys along the way, she slowly got stronger so she could find her brother. After 9 years of training, Lucy had been in the celestial world and trained with the king and the king have her a cloak, black with a gold rim and also gave her the rest of the Zodiac keys. She was 19 and went on her hunt to find her brother, like Natsu she was a Fire Dragon Slayer. But she also contained some high ice magic from a nice master with dark navy blue hair named Ur, she trained with Lucy and Lucy thought of her as a mother after Layla passed. Sadly Lucy had to go on her way, she missed Ur badly but could not go back. Lucy had multiple magic powers that made her one of the strongest members of fairy tail. (She did not know fairy tail yet!) Lucy sniffed out the pink haired mage and found herself in the front of Magnolia.

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