i used to hate him, then he left, now he's my neighbor and i ...?

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"CHRISTIE!!!" my mother calling for me again!

"WHAT?" i shouted back


ugh! i dragged myself up from my computer where i was reading

i trudged down stairs and out the door to the house on our left that had just been sold, they had moved in a week ago, my mother had been talking about them all week, wondering whether to go over and what they were like.

when we rang the doorbell a woman answered with a bright smile, she looked young but old enough to be married and have kids.

"hi, we're in the house next to yours and just wanted to come meet you! and say that if you need anything we're always here!"

ugh my mothers voice was doing that polite voice that never really sounds like their real voice at all.

"that's very kind of you would you like to come in? i'm Mrs. Cooper, but please call me Karen." oooh another fake polite voice- don't get me wrong i do that voice all the time and i'm sure that they are nice and really are polite and everything but i still think its funny how everyone does that voice when they don't sound anything like that!

"Oh, thank you, i'm Mrs. Anderson but please call me Sarah, and this is my daughter Christie! my husband is Ben but he's at work right now."

"oh, well that's alright, come through here!" she ushered us into a huge living room, the house was so nice, it was big and grand and spacious and i was afraid to touch anything or mess up the carpet with my converses.

"i'll go make some tea shall i? oh and i'll get my son Tyler, how old are you Christie? Ty is 16"

"oh, i'm 15 but i'll be 16 soon"

Tyler, Tyler where do i remember the name Tyler cooper from?

a few moments later she came back with her son and some cups of tea.

he had his head down but then he looked up.


i remember him now and judging from his startled expression he remembered me too.

he seemed to hate me in primary school. he wouldn't talk to me and he avoided eye contact and he tried his best not to be in the same group as me if we were in groups, he also acted like a jerk most of the time.

"ty this is-" his mother started but didn't finish

"hi, Christie!" he held up his hand in a small wave, maybe he had grown up.

"hey, Tyler." i did a small wave myself.

"you know him Christie?" my mother asked and as i tore my eyes away from him i realized i had been staring and snapped out of it.

"um, yeah, sort of, he used to be in my class in primary school."

"really, i don't remember you very much Christie, oh that sounds terrible, sorry about that, i guess i didn't know many of ty's friends, i was starting up a business so i was regrettably busy."

i had a feeling they were going to start talking about mom things and business and kids and husbands and all that stuff but before they did i was a little relieved and a little wary of what Karen said next "why don't you guys go talk? i'm sure you'd be bored just listening to us two."

i was so shocked, relieved but shocked and definitely unsure of what to do i mean this guy used to hate me!

"c'mon we'll go into the garden" he said and i followed him