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Just a quick bit before everything. This is a first draft and I plan on coming back and re-doing the whole story and re-uploading it here on Wattpad.

Feel free to leave constructive criticisms (positive and negative) in the comments or via Direct Message. Or comment as you normally would, I'd like to hear your thoughts!

And just a heads up: I may have had too much love for Monster Girl Adventurers! so it's a bit lengthy. 200K words lengthy, most chapters being 4K - 6K words. There are also matures bits here and there; it's mostly violence and acute gore (swords and fights, y'know; zombie, too) with some strong dialogue. Since I will keep the stronge violence (and continue to utilize it [hopefully] for future sequels), I will not be contesting the mature tag.

If you do not like strong violence with graphic depictions, please do not continue. If you do so, you do so at your own risk.

If you know someone who might like this story, please feel free to share it!

Thank you and I hope you enjoy Monster Girl Adventurers!


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