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A/N: so, this is continuation of where I left off last chapter. I just thought id leave a cliffhanger for you guys ;)

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By the way, this chapter is REALLY SHORT, but hey, quick update, so who cares lol. And also, meeting Niall and Fran will probably extend to about one to three more chapters, because a lot will be happening.




"You, Harry"

As soon as I admit that I'm scared of Harry, I instantly regret it. What will he do? Will he be angry that I'm frightened by his actions? Or will he feel accomplished knowing he's responsible for my sudden anxiety and fear whenever he's around?

The rest of the car ride is silent, but I can see anger in Harry's eyes whilst he doesn't bother to make any source of eye contact with me.

Once were at The Dollhouse, Harry calmly tells me to go upstairs, seeing as it's the dolls' free time. I don't know why he was so calm, but at least I feel a little more relaxed, seeing he doesn't seem angry at me.

I walk up the stairs and into the bedroom. The girls are sitting on the floor in a circle, playing Monopoly. Once the girls notice me, all their attention forwards to me.

"Hey, Holly!" Juliet says, moving her hand, motioning for me to sit down with them. I walk over an sit next to Juliet and Liz. They move the board game away and stop playing, so we can all talk.

"So, what'd you two do?" Lola asks.

"Did he take you somewhere to buy a dress?" Sarah bumps in.

"Um, yeah, how do you know?"

"He does that with all of us. How does your dress look?"

"Um, it's really pretty" I say, then awkwardness fills the air.

"So, why do we have to get so dressed up?" I ask, breaking the awkwardness.

"Um, I dunno, probably just to look nice" Evie says.

"Yeah, but I know, like last time we saw Fran, she'll really over do things" Juliet rolls her eyes.

"What do you mean?"

"She's so full of herself! Last time we saw her was for her 22nd birthday party a few months ago. She was wearing a dress that could be mistaken for as a wedding gown, with drag queen makeup and an overdose of priceless, gold jewellery"

"Yeah, she thought she looked absolutely gorgeous, but really she looked like a Dr. Seuss character" Lola says, and we all giggle.

Suddenly, Harry walks in, and he's wearing a fancy suit, and his hair is styled neatly. He actually looks very handsome and attractive.

"Dolls, get ready, do your makeup, get into your dresses, were leaving soon" Harry says, then walks out, but returns shortly after, "Oh, Holly, can I talk to you, darling?" When Harry says that, it sends shivers down my spine. But he called me 'darling', so that should be a good sign.

I walk outside the bedroom to meet Harry, who closes the bedroom door behind us.

"I need to show you something, it's a big surprise, you'll love it" Harry says, smiling and showing off his dimples.

"Um, okay?" I say, lightly chuckling.

"Here, put this on, you can't see yet" Harry hands me a blindfold, and I wrap it around my head, so I can't see a thing except for the pitch black colour of the tight blindfold.

"I'll guide you, just put your arm around mine" Harry says, and I obey, trusting him.

We walk down the stairs, and Harry guides me to wherever he's showing me or whatever he's showing me. I admit, I'm a bit excited. Harry's been really nice lately, it's probably a present or something.

"Hold on, Holly" Harry says as we walk down a flight of stairs, still no idea where were going, and I cannot hear a thing besides our footsteps.

"Okay, darling, now walk forwards," Harry says, and I walk forward, smiling, "there you go, good doll"

"Can I take my blindfold off now, Harry?" I ask, jumping up and down with excitement.

"Of course you can, Holly! Just wait a sec" Harry says, as I hear footsteps of him walking up the stairs. Where's he going?

I take off my blindfold when I hear Harry finally leave to unfold my joy and excitement. But once I notice where I am, my smile disappears and my heart sinks to the floor. I'm locked in the dungeon.

The last thing I see before passing out from overwhelming fear and anxiety is a sticky note from Harry, taped to the wall.

"Are you still scared now?"

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