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Ohara Mari x Male! Bodyguard! Reader

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Everything I had to say I already said it so nothing more to say! Except for one thing, little appearance of a character we all hate...

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Break The Rules

Your POV

"Mr. Ohara, are you sure?" My boss, Mr. Ohara, he was a very powerful man, someone you had to show respect or else you will end up with no life or with no reputation. Still, he had a weak point, his daughter, Ohara Mari. That girl doesn't know but she is being constantly watched either by me or by other personal agents at the orders of her father just in case someone tries something funny with the young lady.

"Are you questioning my decisions?" His voice could make someone to tremble with just a sound that came from his mouth. I then heard him sighing from the other end of the call. "I know you want the best for my daughter and I see you as the son I never had but it has to be done"

"Understood sir" I ended the call and heavily sighed, alerting the girl beside me. The unique Ohara Mari...

Truth be told, we are dating, of course no one knows and we were planning on waiting for Mari to be at the University to let the secret out but now all is just crumbling to pieces. Not even me, the highest rank inside the company, the strongest body guard and the one that has protected the company, Mari and her father with my life can make Mr. Ohara to change his mind. In a few months, Mari is marrying another man.

"What happened?" Mari asked me and I just shook my head, telling her the news.

"I'm sorry..." Immediately she hugged me and started to cry on my shoulder.

I'm not going to lie, I wanted to cry so badly but I was trained not to do it in front of the young lady. We are the same age; her father took me inside the family at the age of five and raised me as if I was his son when my parents died. In that moment I met Ohara Mari and immediately fall in love with her but instead of living a normal life, I was educated inside the Ohara household and trained to be the strongest man for the young lady.

We were on our favorite spot, the dock in front of the building she lives temporarily. With the night embracing our bodies and the coast opening up in front of our eyes with she still was on her uniform and me on my formal suit.

"We will have to break up..."

Time skip: The Next Week

"Ohara-sama, let me present you to Kawashima-sama" I formally introduced the woman in front of me. Her calm demeanor and her usual gentle smile were all fake, her appearances made her look kind, her usual kimono gave her that aspect of a mentally-grown person, the mature and the person you can always rely on but in the inside, she is a monster often referred as Aunt from his subordinates or family.

"And I would like to introduce you to my son, Kawashima Ryu" The young man entered the room dressing a red suit with his posture being the one of a prince and his hair and eyes combed to perfection, his presence could even rival the one from Mr. Ohara.

"I suppose he is the one you chose for Ohara-sama" Kawashima-sama nodded and signal us to take a seat in an expensive looking living room. Being the person she is, Ohara-sama and I followed her orders.

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