Tsushima Yoshiko x Female! Black dog! Reader (Ancient Animagus Bride)

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Hey Fleet! Happy Valentine's Day! Anyways today is Special as you have noticed all the updates and the end of Emotional Blindness is here! Worry not, I have other story coming to be in the place of Emotional Blindness which is a Male Reader Insert!

And since I have put lots of YohaRiko in this book, why not a little bit of YohaMaru?

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Pure Shadow

Your POV

Being a Familiar for someone, sounds epic isn't it?

You have to give your life for that someone, protect her and give that someone the advice he or she needs because us, the Familiars, have something called centuries of years of age thus the knowledge we possess is the envy of every human being I have encountered. But those epic and brave Familiars can only be found in books and TV series, manga and other things alike...

In a world where Magic doesn't quite exist, where creatures fight for the humans to believe in them, in that world there are no fights between us creatures. The only fights we get to see are within humans and are fights we can easily win because of our powers, anyways by me, I feel kind of useless with my Master.

She is a crazy girl obsessed with fallen angels who believes that I come from Hell to aid her to conquer the world and to transform everyone into her little demons, you want to know a secret, she will never get that goal at the moment.

Even I wonder why did I sign a contract with her, then I remembered how she rescued me when I was in the verge of completely disappearing from this world when no one believed in me and I get happy just because of that memory.

Well, I wouldn't call it happiness, but something more, I love that crazy girl! Then I remember the huge difference in age for the both of us and wonder if I could go to jail, but after I remember that, memories of that bookworm girl my Master met when she was little and the girl she has transformed into nowadays.

That bookworm, Kunikida Hanamaru, she is something else for my Master. It is like my Master only had eyes for her while I'm just obliged to watch how ma Master drools for her by being completely trapped in her shadow when people are around.

Then, another matter comes into my head, she treats me like if I was only a dog, I am a dog but I also have a human form! It is just that I don't like showing it a lot, not even my Master has seen her, still I have the capabilities of communicating and feeling just like a human even if I'm in my dog form!

"Is everything alright?" The bookworm already left? I must be lost in thought. If I do remember we were walking back home with the bookworm, she must gone to her house.

"Of course Master" I got out of her shadow and transformed into a big black dog with a long tail being segmented into different strands of fur and shining red eyes, then I started to walk beside her.

From the corner of my eye I could see her smile forming on her face. She likes being called Master while being talked with formalities, I giggled at the sight and that made her blush a lot.

"I-I'm glad my Servant" Again with that term, I'm a Familiar not a servant!

"When are you going to tell her Master?" Again she blushed and started to walk faster trying to avoid my question.

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