(Attack on Titan) Mikasa Ackerman x Titan Shifter! Reader

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This was requested by YeonheeSK. Hope you enjoy! This is going to be a longer story. 

*Your P.O.V*

          "Hey (insulting nickname)!," I turned to see who would even dare think of calling me that and found that it was Jean.(If any of you like Jean you can put in a different name). 

          "What do you want, Jean? I really don't feel like dealing with you right now," I stated plainly. My voice was cold, but my words were true. I didn't wish to deal with him. He was a huge pain in my butt.

          He let out a scoff as he inch closer to me,"Don't you dare talk to me like that. Listen and listen well. Don't ever go near Mikasa again, do you understand? If I find you near her again I will kill you and feed you to the titans. Mikasa is mine". His light brown eyes stared down into my (e/c) eyes. He was slightly taller than me (change how much taller he is for how small or tall you are). 

          I pushed my way past him ignoring his statement. I wouldn't be seeing Mikasa again, anyways, so why should I bother with Jean. Why did things have to go that way..?

*Flashback to yesterday*

          "Cadet (l/n)! Cadet Ackerman! Pair up and start your training!," Commander Keith yelled. Mikasa was already heading over to me as the Commander continued to shout out sparring partners. Mikasa were childhood friends. Before her parents died, that is. Then, when she went to live with the Jaegers, and we never saw each other again. When the titans first broke through the outer wall was the first time I saw her. In fact she saved me from being killed by a titan by helping me run. 

          "Are you ready, (Y/n)?," Mikasa's soft voice broke through my thoughts. Standing tall she was 5'6", so she was (taller/shorter) than I was. 

          "Yep. Ready when you are," they was the simplest of words, yet I earned a small smile from her which caused me to smile as well. She really was cute. She grabbed the small wooden knife that was in a small box next to the building.

          "Then, I won't take it easy on you," I nodded preparing myself for anything she might throw my way. First, she tried knocking my off my feet with a leg sweep, so I jumped in order to get out of the way, but that was a stupid choice. She moved like lightning as she immediately got to her feet, charging at me, and ramming her body into mine causing me to fall.

          She smiled again causing me to laugh,"Sheesh, not so hard. That really hurt! I know you said you wouldn't take it easy on me, but for my sake please hold back!"

          I opened my eyes just in time to she her roll her eyes at me,"I did hold back. How do you expect to be a good fighter if you can even fight me?"

          "I don't think I that I will be fighting any titans my size. They are all huge! I rock at using the ODM gear and at cutting the titan's neck. I just suck at hand-to-hand combat. I always have been," I stated. She already knew that I was terrible at hand-to-hand combat. 

          She thought for a minute as she helped me to my feet,"Well, you need to get better at hand-to-hand combat or else you won't pass your exam. How about-"

          "Alright Cadets! Training is over for today! Get back to your rooms and don't forget that no one is aloud outside after dark!," the Commander shouted, cutting off Mikasa. Everyone started heading back to the houses.

          Before I could start walking off Mikasa grabbed my arm,"I'll help you train in hand-to-hand combat. We'll start once you get changed". I went to argue, but she was already strutting to her dorm. I smiled to myself, shaking my head, and walked towards my own dorm.

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