Chapter 1

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"Liam!! Hurry! You're gonna be late!" I call my little brother from downstairs because I have to drive him to his school before I go to college but if he doesn't hurry, I'm the one who'll be late for my lessons.

"Here!" I hear him running down the stairs while he's wearing his coat.

"Your backpack! You forgot it!" I say a little bit angry at him because he's so messy and he always has his head in the clouds. But I love him so much.

While he's up to take his backpack I join my lovely mother in the living room. She's lying on the sofa and watching the TV. Yes, from the morning but I understand her. She's extremely sad and destroyed because of my dad and losing her job didn't help her at all.

"Hey, mom?" I say softly, not to be abrupt. "We're getting out me and Liam... Have a nice day and don't skip the lunchtime, please..." I wait for an answer but nothing comes out from her mouth, still staring at the TV. "I'll call you when I finish lessons and before I go to work... I love you." She nods and I get out of here, joining Liam who's already in the car.

"How is she going?" Liam asks, leaving me speechless.

"Tired and sad... just as usual but you could have kissed her before you got out!" I say, turning to him. He lowers his head and starts crying. "Oh no... Liam, I'm sorry I didn't mean it. Don't feel guilty..." I say, take his hand in mine and focus back on the road.

"No... it's j-just that even though I wish her a good day or I kiss her... she will not answer or anything. Lyssa, I feel like mom is forgetting us..." He admits and now, now I'm the one who cries.

I park the car in front of Liam's school and wipe my tears before I face him.

"Hey, listen... I know it's hard and I totally feel you but mom isn't forgetting us... she just still is chocked that..." I stop talking because I don't know what to say. I didn't tell him that our dad left us. I just don't want him to get sad or to miss his school year. I just want him to be happy and to enjoy his moments with his friends. He never asked after him because I always try to skip this topic but now I totally got into my own trap.

"That what?" He asks.

"That he went on vacation without her... well, it isn't really a vacation because it's because of his job but it seems like." He nods "Now, run out of here if you don't want your teacher to punish you for being late" He laughs, opening the door.

"I would say that's because of my big sister!" He shouts from outside and we both laugh.

I wait a while and then I turn the engine on to drive to college. During the journey, I can't stop thinking about all this confusing situation and seeing my 6 years old brother like that just breaks my heart. I would do anything for him and to make him happy but, unfortunately, I can't give him a dad...

I finally get into the building of my college in a hurry because I got late and I look for the place my lesson is taking place. That's what I do the whole day. When I'm not attending a lesson, I search where they're taking place.

I didn't make any friends from the university. All my high school friend left this city and got to great universities through the whole country so I can't see them or hang out with them but we call each other all the time, I mean when I have the time. But fortunately, I met new people in the Starbucks. People who work with me and people who I serve.

A few hours later, my school day finally ends and it's time for me now to pick up Liam from school. Usually, I drive him to a chocolate bar to take his snack but today I can't because he got out from school late and I have to go to the Starbucks right after I bring him home.

"How was your day Superman?" I ask him while we're walking in the house, carrying all his stuff and backpack in my arms.

"It was great, I made new friends and we all played together," He says, putting his jacket and shoes off and getting to his bedroom.

"Don't forget to do your homework!" I shout but he slams the door before I finish my sentence.

I search my mom in the house and find her at the exact same place left her in the morning. The TV still turned on. I kiss her forehead and get back to my car without saying anything because I know she will not answer. It breaks my heart a little more every day but I have to live with it. I have no choice.


Here is the first chapter. I guess it's a little sad but I hope you like it.

Love you <3


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