Chapter 13- Oh No!

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Abbi was panicking now. She needed to find her things. Her phone was in her bag. It could be anywhere!
She sat down on a bench. Let's be rational. She thought. Where would she put it?
She looked up in desperation. Oh. There it is.
Abbi's bag was hanging from a branch up a big tree. Annabel must have thrown it up there. She thought. What a horrible thing to do! How on earth am I going to get it down. Abbi felt hopeless. 

Just then, Miss Philips walked by. "Hi Abbi!" she called. But noticing Abbi seemed sad, she went over to here. "What's up?" she asked. Abbi pointed to her bag. "Oh." Miss Philips said, sounding a little confused. "What's it doing up there?" Really? What do you think it is doing up there?!  "I am not entirely sure, but I think Annabel might have something to do with it." Abbi looked at her feet, not sure what to do.

"Well, it's not going to get itself down is it!" Miss Philips said. No, I think that is quite obvious. Abbi thought. "Don't just stand there then, let's find a step ladder!" 

"Where do we get a step ladder?" Abbi thought aloud.

"The caretaker/janitor should have one I think." Miss Philips replied. They both walked to the caretaker/janitor's office. 

Miss Philips knocked on the door. "Yes?" a voice called from inside. Miss Philips stepped in, Abbi waited outside. She heard Miss Philips having a conversation. A few minutes later, she emerged with a ladder. "Be careful," the voice called from inside the room. "I'll lose my job if you fall off and hurt y'erself." 

"Don't worry!" Miss Philips shouted back, a little too enthusiastically "I'm very trustworthy and sensible!"

She's practically just an overgrown child. Abbi laughed inside.

Abbi and Miss Philips and the ladder walked back to the tree that held Abbi's bag (the ladder didn't walk, it was carried). 

It was very high up. How had Annabel got it so high? 

Miss Philips propped the ladder against the tree. "Hold the bottom." she instructed Abbi. Abbi felt very nervous. 

[Image description- a ladder leaning against the branches of a tree

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[Image description- a ladder leaning against the branches of a tree.]

Abbi gripped the ladder tightly. She didn't want Miss Philips getting hurt for her sake. 

About 1 minute later, Miss Philips reached the branch where Abbi's bag was hanging. She couldn't reach when she was standing on the ladder so she sat on the branch and edged along a bit. Abbi held her breath, but Miss Philips grabbed her bag and edged back along the branch to the ladder. Once she was standing back on the rung of the ladder, she swung Abbi's bag onto her shoulder and began to climb down.

Suddenly, there was a very loud ringing sound, it was the fire alarm. 

Abbi immediately pressed her hands onto her ears, trying to block out the ringing. But she'd let go of the ladder! 

Miss Philips clung to the ladder which was swaying a little. 

"Abbi." she called out desperately. "Abbi, please look at me." she tried to make her voice sound calm. 

Abbi was crouched near the floor, rocking back and forth. She didn't look up. All she could think about was how loud the noise was and how much it was hurting her ears and scaring her. The ringing penetrated her thoughts and took over. She felt so overwhelmed. 

Through the ringing, she could faintly hear someone calling her name. She looked up desperately. She saw Miss Philips clinging to the ladder perilously. She had to help! She tried to stand up. No, she couldn't. You have to. She told herself. Miss Philips needs you to help her. Still rocking, Abbi stood. Now. She said to herself. Step towards the ladder. She did.

All Miss Philips could do was watch on as Abbi slowly moved towards the ladder. She was rocking aggressively, what she wanted to do more than anything else was comfort Abbi, but she knew that another voice would just further overwhelm and confuse her. 

You have to move your hands and hold the ladder. She said inside. She moved them away from her ears a tiny bit but cried out and immediately pressed them back on, the noise hurt so much. Come on! She looked up at Miss Philips who was looking back down at her desperately. You HAVE to help!

Abbi took a deep, shaky breath and quickly grabbed the ladder. Miss Philips started climbing down the ladder very quickly. A few seconds later she was safely on the ground. Abbi was sobbing, her hands back over her ears. The fire alarm was still ringing loudly.

Miss Philips ran to the office, leaving Abbi alone. About 30 seconds later, the ringing stopped. Miss Philips had turned the alarm off, it was only a fire drill.

Abbi's mother came running out and stopped, standing near Abbi but not hugging her, she didn't want to make her feel trapped.

Abbi's mother came running out and stopped, standing near Abbi but not hugging her, she didn't want to make her feel trapped

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[Image description- Abbi stands crying to the left. Abbi's mother stands to the right looking concerned. In the background there is a tree and a school building.]

Finally, Abbi took her hands away from her ears. Still crying, she stepped towards her mother who encompassed her in a tight hug. 

It took a while for Abbi to calm down, but all the while her mother stood there with her, silently supporting her.

Abbi looked up at her mum, who gently kissed her on the top of her head. "Let's go home." She whispered. Abbi nodded. She picked up her school bag from where Miss Philips had dropped it. 

Abbi and her mother walked through the reception towards the car, arm in arm.

Ok, I know this chapter was slightly unrealistic and overly dramatic but I was in a dramatic kind of mood, sorry!

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